Breakfast -- Fail!

After months of planning for our trip, I realized I forgot to plan anything for breakfast. Our family needs to eat something with protein in the morning. Grabbing a pastry just won’t cut it. We’re staying at YC. Would we be able to walk into Captain’s Grille without an ADR? Any other suggestions?

Have you tried to book Captain’s Grill? I don’t think you would have a problem getting in as a walk up. You could also walk to CS at BC. The two resorts connect and mist of the walk is inside. Or you could walk to BW bakery.

We’ve walk in there with no problem. Did you see if there are any times available that you could book? Have you tried the dining app that shows all available openings?

I don’t know for certain but from everything that I’ve read I think that you will be able to walk into Captain’s Grille. The reviews seem to be quite good too. We’re staying at the YC and I’m thinking that we’ll grab stop by for brunch at least once. If that doesn’t work then we’ll probably just pick something up at the restaurant in France. Also, I think that Flying Fish is going to start offering a breakfast because they have times available when I search for ADRs.

Hoping that someone else chimes in with other ideas. Interested to hear them. :smile:

I just booked a captains grille breakfast…menu looks yummy and fairly reasonably priced!

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We had to wait for 30 minutes once there for breakfast, another time we waited 45 minutes then left. It’s a buffet so people tend to linger. Especially on rainy days. Could you bring protein bars or PB and bread?

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Wow. That surprises me. Perhaps I should look at our plans and schedule an ADR for one of our rest days.

Cape may on the way to EP?

I think the problem there is they don’t fully staff or open the whole restaurant because it’s usually not too busy.

Very good point. Thanks for your sharing your experience! I think that we’ll make the ADR so that we don’t have to worry about waiting too long.

I love Captain’s Grille for breakfast. Really good food.

Depending on how soon your are going, Kouzzina has a wonderful breakfast (love the turkey and sweet potato hash with eggs!).

The other good option would be to go to the Swan/Dolphin. Fresh and Picabu at the Dolphin both serve breakfast. (Picabu is basically a buffeteria, and Fresh is a more normal sit-down.) Over at the Swan you’ve got Garden Grove. The Swan/Dolphin would be an easy walk from the YC.

I had not considered Swan or Dolphin. Thank you for that recommendation!

I looked at the menu for Boardwalk Bakery, and it looks great. Thank you for that recommendation!

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Having something in the room for breakfast is probably a good idea. I hadn’t planned on placing an order (we’re coming from California), but maybe we can stock up at the Hess station.

Boardwalk Bakery is DELICIOUS. They have a ton of different pastry’s but they also do like breakfast scramble/skillet sort of thing with eggs, bacon, sausage, etc. It’s just a short walk. That’s our first stop in the morning on our walk to Epcot during FWF, gotta put down a good layer before a day of food and drink debauchery begins :wink: The little cafe at the resort has “hot food” options but we’ve found the quality and options at the Boardwalk Bakery are much better.

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We love Fresh at the Dolphin! We also pack peanut butter and bagels to get us by on tight mornings.

It might be more simple to fix something in room? Maybe done breakfast bars?

Just wanted to share that I was discussing this problem with DH last night. He said, “With all these months of planning, you didn’t plan anything for breakfast?” I am happy to report he is still living.


We did room service breakfast a lot staying at YC/BC the past two years in march. Its not that much more expensive than any of the sit-down options, and you can enjoy something yummy while everyone showers and gets ready to go to the parks! You can place your breakfast order the night before so it gets there when you want it to in the morning. Not everyone likes to do room service, but for breakfast at the deluxes I think its a great option.


Thanks, 999HappyHaunts! I had not considered room service.

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