Breakfast choices and corresponding transportation

Need a little feedback about breakfast options and how to get to these locations in question. Right now my extended family and I (group of 10, 7 adults, 3 kids) have a reservation on Monday 11/26 at Ohana at 7:40 AM. From what I have seen, it looks like that’s one of those high-demand reservations, but my SIL and I are not really sold on it. We are thinking it’s too early for us to get the kids there. So we have been looking at some other options for the day. Our plan for the rest of the day is DS (BBB appt at 11:20 for my daughter and niece), MK in the afternoon with dinner break at 1900PF. So here are our options we’re looking at right now…
1: Keep Ohana at 7:40. Threw around the idea of popping in to MK for a bit before heading to DS.
2: Change breakfast to either The Wave (8:40 or 9:10) or Grand Floridian Cafe (8:20). This is what we’ve found so far that has reservations available for a party of 10. Then head to DS, maybe shop a bit before BBB.
3: Skip the TS altogether, head to DS and eat at Wolfgang Puck’s.

We have three different groups of people staying at Beach Club, AoA, and POR (my family). So, besides wanting to know what folks think of these options for breakfast, I am also curious what our transportation options would be to get to the restaurant, and then to DS afterward (if we end up not doing option #3). The character aspect of Ohana probably won’t sell me on it. We have a ridiculous number of character meals already planned (seriously, it’s kind of amusing), and the idea of a giant Stitch interrupting our breakfast doesn’t appeal to me…and might scare the pants off my 16-month old. :scream_cat:

So…thoughts? Thanks :slight_smile:

I like the Wave.

It has the buffet option for those who want it. But you don’t have to pay for everyone to have the buffet if there are people who would rather just have coffee and some pancakes.

Plus getting there would be easy. Bus to MK and stroll over. Afterwards you can take the bus to DS. Pop into MK first if you want, then bus to DS. Or avoid Mk and take a boat ride around Bay Lake instead. Get off at WL and check out the Geyser and lobby. Or go over to FW and look at the stables and Cinderella’s horses. Then when you’re ready head over to DS.

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We were not all that impressed with Ohana breakfast. The food was meh. The characters were great, but you said that would not be a determining factor. We heard good things about the Wave and may try that our next trip.

As far as transportation, we always use the bus without a problem. But our earliest ADR has been 8am.

Although if you are going to DS, I would just eat there.

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We enjoyed our meal at The Wave but the decor is really blah. I would not want to go through the hassle of getting everyone up and around for The Wave breakfast. At least at 'Ohana you get characters. My favorite character breakfast so far has been Garden Grill, both for characters and food. Snagging a table for a party of 10 might be challenging, but maybe you can try two parties of 5? I think a breakfast at Whispering Canyon could be fun too. The food there has always been great. You would most likely want to take an Uber, Lyft, or Minnie Van to get there.

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We have always found breakfast ressies challenging, in part because of the transportation. We generally only enjoy TS breakfast in park, typically at AK TH or MK CP, and we have begun making those late morning reservations to avoid the super early wakeup.

For such a large group, I would feel it easiest/best to skip the TS breakfast and go to DS and eat there. For us, except the two mentioned above, breakfast is breakfast is breakfast is breakfast… (Disclaimer: CG brunch is brunch and happens later in the day and should not be considered in the “breakfast is breakfast” statement)

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Thank you for the feedback!! :slight_smile: I am leaning towards eating at DS. My MIL actually made a backup reservation for her group of 3 at Cape May for that morning, so I think the rest of us (the ones with kids) will just do DS.
Our other TS breakfasts are at Akershus, Hollywood & Vine, Crystal Palace, and CRT (did I mention we have a lot of character meals???) so those should be easier to get to.

Follow up question…I would like to take the boat that goes from POR to DS, but I am correctly remembering that it doesn’t start running until 10? What time would we be able to take a bus there? Ideally, I’d like to get breakfast done before 10, spend a little time shopping, then go to BBB appt.

I don’t think the buses start until 10 either.