Breakfast bus times?

I know there’s a breakfast bus around 6:30. I’m not sure we’ll make that for our 8am BOG. Is there usually a bus around 7? Staying at AoA and there is EMM at MK.

Yes, there will be one around 7 and fairly regularly after that.


We had a tour booked at MK and were told to be there by 7:30 but the buses didn’t start running until an hour before park opening, so we scheduled a Lyft.

You were told they weren’t running or they actually didn’t come?

Front desk will always say that. It’s not true.

We were told, and didn’t see any when we got into our Lyft.

I don’t understand why they perpetuate this myth. Well I guess I do now, because they’re making money out of Minnie Vans. But for years before that, if they couldn’t get people to their overpriced pre RD breakfasts, they lost money. So they have always, always had buses that got people there.