Breakfast Before Park Opens, different than youtube walkthrough, and no fast pass times given, please HELP!

The topic title may be a little confusing, so I will try and explain it, so that maybe yall could help me.

Okay so first of all I have an 8:05 a.m. breakfast reservation at Cindy’s Castle with a plan of eating for 40 minutes, the park opening at 9 a.m. and was thinking of heading to the mine train as soon as breakfast is over so we should be some of the first in line, yet my touring plan has me arriving at the mine train at 8:45, but still says to plan for a 53 minute wait!!! So if I am one of the first in line and I am arriving before the park opens why am I waiting for 53 minutes???

second and third of all I watched the walkthrough youtube videos of the planning tour and In that video the plan tells him what time to get a fast pass, and then automatically has those times implemented, whereas when I do it, It just says “this would be a good candidate for fast pass” and does that 6 times in my plan, am I doing something wrong??? and I told the software that I have 3 fast passes.

So why does it not tell me the best times and rides to utilize my fast passes. I already know which rides really need a fast pass and which ones don’t but I thought the whole point of this software was to take the guessing out to maximize my fun and minimize my waiting.

Please help

I can help you with the first part. The software does not recognize that you will be in line before the rope drop crowd. You will have to start your plan at9:15 after you ride. Will 40 minutes give you enough time to eat and meet the princesses?

I’m not sure, it’s me, my wife and our 5 year old daughter. It’s our first time in the kingdom. My wife and I have both been before, but it was when we were children, over 25 years ago. LOL. How much time does one usually spend at the castle on average?

I believe it is usually about an hour. You will be able to enter the Magic Kingdom about 7:45 and walk directly to the castle. Meeting the princesses and eating in the castle will be magical for your daughter! Maybe you could get a FP for 7DMT and go directly to PeterPan , followed by Pooh and then Enchanted tales with Belle?

Cinderella’s Royal table takes about 90 minutes. You’d be rushing your meal and the experience. I wouldn’t anticipate being finished until 9am or probably after that. You’re best bet is to get your fastpasses, especially for 7DMT, for after 9:30am. Since you’ll likely be finished with your meal after park open, I wouldn’t count on doing 7DMT on standby.

The Optimizer will rearrange your fastpasses based on everything you have planned for the day and will tell you the best time to use a fastpass for that attraction.

If you’d like to keep the fastpass times that you’ve already acquired you’ll need to finesse your plans more manually and use the EVALUATE option to keep things in place. And it will adjust the waiting times based on the order you put them in.

There is a thread by Brklinck that does a super job at explaining and walking you through using the personalized touring plans. As with any tool, there’s always a learning curve.

Good luck with your plans and have a great time when you get there!!