Breakfast before 8am reservation for Wild Africa Trek @ AK

Does anyone have any recommendations on where to make a breakfast reservations and arrive AK for an 8am Wild Africa Trek tour? Do you think Tusker’s House would be open by 7am if AK doesn’t open till 9am?

No, I’'m pretty sure Tusker House opens at 8:00 AM. AKL should be open for breakfast around 7:00 AM, but you will need to eat quickly to be AK by 8:00 AM.

Are you driving? Are you staying at a resort ? There will not be any restaurants open at AK before 8:00 unless they move to 7:00am openings.

We are staying at the Contemporary so we will use the bus transportation to get to Animal Kingdom. We have the deluxe dining plan so I was hoping to get a table restaurant reservation for breakfast since lunch will be included with the tour.

Your best bet will be to get breakfast at Contemporary.

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Thank you!

Just grab room service. I think it starts at 6

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That is a fabulous idea! I have never ordered room service before so I didn’t even think about that.

I would also use Uber to get to AK at that time. It will be about $10.


Room service will be two credits - are you only planning on using one? Does the Wave buffet start at 7?

Remember, once you get off the bus and walk to the entrance, clear bag check, go through the tapstiles,make it through the Oasis and all the way around to KS, you’re looking at close to 30 min - possibly more as you will be fighting the RD crowds. And you DON’T want to be late. I really don’t think you’ll have time for ANY TS before a WAT. I just snacked in the room before I left. You might be able to squeeze in a QS at the CR - but even that would worry me.

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I am thinking now I may order something from Garden Grocer to have on hand when I order our bottle water and snacks. I think that may take the stress off time. As @bswan26 mention I am worried now about getting there on time. I do think I will be using Uber.

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We always pack the individual size cereal boxes that come in the variety packs plus bowls & spoons and buy milk on site. You can get a gallon at the QS location typically if you ask a CM. Makes for a good quick breakfast in room & occasional snack as well. Presume Garden Grocer would stock something similar you could order if that’s preferable to packing it…


if you are on the deluxe dining plan you will be swamped with food, so unlikely to need additional snacks, although not good value could always swap a meal for 3 snacks to have in room before you go?

Talking about UBER did you guys see UBER have lost their license to operate in London

It’s pretty big news over here