Breakfast at MK worthiness?

Hi all, first post to these forums but I have been a TP user for about 3 or 4 years and plan all my WDW trips using it.

On September 23rd (Wednesday) I have 2 plans I am going back and forth about.

The first one was my original plan, and had us eating breakfast in our room (Very typical for us each morning at WDW; either some food we bring or getting food from our resort’s food establishment), arriving at MK at the normal early time to be there for the rope-drop, and going about our planned day. Finishing nicely at 5pm, having an hour of free time/wiggle room, then eating at the Crystal Palace around 6:30.

Then I got it in my head; “How cool would it be to have breakfast reservations at 8am in Be Our Guest or Cinderella’s Palace, woof down our grub, and be standing in line for Space Mountain/Mine Train/etc before those dopes on the outside even got past the Mickey and Walt statue?”

So I copied my original plan for that day, added in a breakfast (Though, I don’t have reservations yet, which I know may be near impossible), and moved things around to accommodate our relaxed, slow walking pace, and to reduce walking rather than waiting. Somehow, this gave us MORE free-time before dinner (But I had to eliminate 2 snack stops I had planned for a Dole Whip and some kind of chicken and waffle snack I recently learned about.

What is everyone’s experience with getting in the park an hour early for breakfast? I(s it worth it? Frankly I could care less about where/what we eat. I am just a typical guy who will pay extra/burn a DDP credit to get in line sooner and avoid waiting in line :smile:

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Right off the bat, here’s how I feel. If you’re willing to burn a DDP credit/pay to be in line before everyone else, CRT will be your MOST expensive option. Depending on how many people you have in your party, it would be an expensive breakfast to burn through just to get in line, and CP would be better for that. I really want to know if you have kids and how many people total in your party. If it’s just you, you could book a one-person reservation for CRT or CP pre-RD, get your early entry, and not show up to the breakfast. You’d pay $10 no-show fee and be first in line wherever you want to be. However if you have kids, they’d probably appreciate the time with the characters at either CRT or CP and it would be harder to just “leave” if they haven’t seen everyone yet. Or if they’re fine with skipping the breakfast, book for everyone in your party, don’t show up and pay $10 per person no-show (it would still be cheaper than paying for the full CRT breakfast).

2 kiddos. both under 8. Both dig CRT.
I have never ate at BOG, but something inside me says it isn’t as good as all the ‘casual tourists’ say it is.

I really loved lunch there, but didn’t have a good dinner experience. At this point though, the breakfast is only available through the middle of June as a testing phase. That’s why I didn’t mention it in my post. Otherwise if you wanted to bomb through breakfast and don’t care too much about meeting characters, it would be your cheapest breakfast option of those 3. It’s just not available yet.

thanks for your reply. Cost is not an issue. I am not obsessed with “getting the most out of my dollar” on the DDP. All my other meals that week totally make up for it.

Recently, we did BOG breakfast, with an ADR for 8:45. The park was open at 8 AM, but by getting there around 8:15, we were able to wander in, ride Peter Pan with little wait (which we didn’t want to FP because we wanted to see the interactive queue), and then waltz on over to breakfast.

As far as breakfast goes, you’re paying for the experience and not the food. Our food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t worth the price. I’d rather eat at the buffet over at The Wave and then walk on over to MK.

Sounds fun! On Sept 23rd though, the park doesn’t open until 9am. So getting an ADR for 8am would make things cool for me, even though rides wont run till 9

As long as it is not morning EMH, an 8 AM ADR would mean plenty of time to get into the park for some cool pictures, have breakfast, and then get into the park ahead of crowds. (We timed our breakfast from submitting our order to delivery of the meal, and it was 9 minutes from ordering our food until it was delivered.)

For line avoidance, I’d do BoG Breakfast (…just can’t do it yet). For overall experience, I’d do CRT… just will need to understand that you may not be finished eating at exactly 9am.

FWIW, I’d read @JonMcIntosh’s trip report. Sometimes it’s better to enjoy the experience rather than have a Plan. :slight_smile:

Here is a good blog post about BOG breakfast: Easy WDW CRT breakfast is fun but takes awhile. I did really enjoy CP breakfast though, but I have never done pre-RD so I can’t help you there. I am ecstatic if we make it to the opening show outside the tapstiles - pre-RD is a pipe dream for our family.

We’re chatting about this in another thread, too.

Hmm. Was that not the correct way to share a link to another thread? :flushed: