Breakfast at EPCOT

Has anyone been to EPCOT recently for the 8:30 early resort hours?
Wondering if the Boulangerie or the QS Creperie have been open?

TP says 8:30 for the Boulangerie, Disney says 9. Disney says 9:15 for the crepes.

Is anything else open that early for a small quick breakfast?

We also struggled with this in December. We rope dropped FEA at 8.30 for EE and wanted a snack afterwards. Kringla Bakery in Norway was still closed, as was Karamell Küche in Germany, we decided to wait 10 min until it opened while taking photos in Germany. Then found an open Joffreys cart between Italy and AA (which also had giant donuts).

We arrived in France for our Remy LL around 9.20 and saw people enjoying crepes, though I cannot tell you which (if any) of the food options there were already open during EE. Maybe others know?

Otherwise maybe plan on RD Remy, that way you’ll be done close to park opening hours and be more likely to find something open?

The Mexico pyramid and everything there was also still closed during EE (we tried to visit after rope dropping FEA).

Breakfast is a struggle at epcot these days. What we did was rope drop the ride we wanted and then left the park at international gateway and had breakfast at Beach club. Just QS. But there are plenty of other choices on the boardwalk area for a quick breakfast.

Thanks, everyone. This is what I expected.
I’ll just eat something in the resort before I leave for the day.

The crepe place opens at 9:15.