Breakfast at Boma or Tusker House

Would you guys recommend Boma or Tusker House for breakfast? We’re indifferent to meeting characters so the characters at TH isn’t a major selling point. I’ve always loved Boma for dinner and was intrigued by the breakfast menu. But I’ve also heard good things about the breakfast at TH so I’m torn. Thoughts?

Are you staying at AKL? Then Boma. If not then Tusker. About the same just one has characters and is convenient if going to park.


We’re actually not staying at AKL but I’ll travel for good food. :grinning:
I agree that TH is more convenient if going to the park but I’m willing to travel to AKL for the last Boma breakfast ADR (after some morning touring) if there is a better selection there.

They’re really very comparable.

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Based solely on food I would say Boma. Two big reasons—goat cheese scrambled eggs and bread pudding french toast.