Breakfast at BOG

We were able to snag a BOG breakfast. Not sure I want to keep it. The kids just want gray stuff. Would also just like to see inside. We got a 9:45 am and I was not able to get a Mine Train fp. The park opens at 9. (our trip is next month) I have mouse dining set up for a lunch, but then it will interfere with our fast passes. I want to rope drop and get on mine train before breakfast but I am not sure it will be possible. For example today park opened at 8 and I checked wait time on Disney app and it said at 8:04 wait time was 45 min. So far crowd level for our day say 3…do I chance getting in line before breakfast, or chance getting on later with a decent wait time…or cancel breakfast? I do not want to ride during HEA that is a must do for us.

If you are at the front of the RD crowd you should be done on 7D before breakfast. I’d arrive 45-60 minutes before park open. Another option would be to check for PPO BOG availability (assuming EEMH will not be going on during your trip). Pre-order before you get there and you can easily be done before the park opens. Things will open up during your trip. I just checked breakfast availability for tomorrow as an example and BOG had a 8:00 and 8:20 open for a party of 4.


I would set a res finder for 8am BOG. You should be able to get it.

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I agree with trying to get PPO breakfast, or a lunch reservation. You will be able to get one or the other if you set a reservation finder. BOG breakfast food isn’t that good and is overpriced; the only way I think it is worth it is if you want the early access PPO to 7DMT. I would not waste what is still prime morning time at 9:45 for BOG breakfast.

Could we keep it and just order cupcakes to go and make it quick?

Yes you can do that. It’s beautiful inside, I just think it’s a shame they didn’t do more with it.

Personally I would be at the front of the rope drop crowd and stick with the 9:45am ADR. That way you can have the cupcakes and also take your time looking at all three rooms and taking photos at the entrance (don’t want to give away too much if you’ve never been).


We can try. Just hope to squeeze 7dmt in first thing!

You can do that, but be aware it may or may not be quick. Going to BOG, you can anticipate a line to check in outside, then a line to order if you didn’t in advance, and even if you did there is a shorter line to pay for your pre-order. Then you find a table and wait for them to bring your order - which sometimes takes awhile. To me, if you are going to go to all that trouble you might as well have a meal. Maybe a late lunch to work around your FPs, when they are hopefully less busy. But I really do think you will get a PPO if you keep res finder on it, which gets you on 7DMT also. Good luck!


This is what I would do too. Then you can take your time and get on 7D