Breakfast at Be Our Guest

Unable to make Be Our Guest breakfast reservations for October and it is under 90 days away. Are they discontinuing breakfast?

Unlikely. But they’ve only extended the “trial” to October 3, about 2 weeks ago. They’ll likely release another block of dates… sometime. Me, I check once or twice a day so I won’t miss it. :smile:

It’s been successful enough I can’t imagine they’d discontinue it, but they can always change it up somewhat, which may be why they’re only extending it a little bit at a time, to give themselves more flexibility in deciding whether or not to modify how they’re doing it without disrupting existing ADRs.

Related question - I have a BOG reservation for 10:45 - is this lunch or breakfast?? I looked at it yesterday and realized that I had no clue.

It’s lunch - breakfast ends at 10, lunch begins at 10.30.

oooo… may I suggest the onion soup and a carved Turkey sandwich with Dijon Mayo @Iheartepcot???


so since breakfast is still listed as quick service for dining plan have they been doing reservations like the lunch fastpass?

Yes you can make an ADR - they are due to open on 5th Aug. but the price is going up.