Breakfast at AK before park opening

We have an 845 am breakfast at Rainforest Café on the morning of July 8. The park opens at 9, and I was wondering if there were any photographers in the park that take photos, or any places in the park in which we could take photos prior to people being in the park. Also, has anyone had breakfast at Rainforest Café, and if so, how was it? I have only eaten there one time before in 07, and it was dinner. Thanks in advance!

Hello. Rainforest Cafe is actually outside the park (with an entrance into the park), so you won’t be allowed into the park before it opens. We have only eaten there for lunch and dinner, so not sure how breakfast is. Their food is just okay to us. Just something to think about- you will be missing out on the first hour of low wait rides if you eat at that time.

Yes - if you want to get into the park early you’d need to switch to a Tusker House breakfast ADR. The photographers are usually there early although given the layout of AK you don’t get quite the impact of no one in the park in pics like you do at MK with the shot down Main Street etc. At AK you can often get pics with few people in them just because the sight lines aren’t as long in many locations or when they are long they across water to the tree of life for example…