Breakfast at AK and Pandora

I made a breakfast reservation for 8:00 at Tusker, thinking that might get us closer to the front of the line for Pandora. I saw the posts about how they let guests into the Oasis area, and then start heading over to Pandora before 9:00. Does anyone know what route we would take from Tusker over to Pandora? Would we have to come back to the Oasis and then get into the crowd heading to Pandora? Or is there a way from Tusker straight to Pandora…or is it blocked off until 9:00. Hope that all makes sense! Wondering it is just better to get there early anyway, head straight to Pandora, then go eat. :slight_smile:


A pre RD breakfast won’t help you at all at AK, it will put you behind the crowd. I would try to move your ADR to around 10.30 personally.


As for Tusker-Pandora route, head on over to FoTLK theater and follow the route past the bathrooms. That will throw you directly into Pandora. Enjoy!!

Do you have a Fastpass for FOP that you’ll be heading to?

Pre RD Tusker won’t get you to Pandora faster since you’ll be finishing a good 1/2 hour after the park opens. It’s a character meal.

If you don’t have a Fastpass, I agree with the thought to change your adr to 10:30am and head to Pandora first.


That route is often not open in the mornings, FYI. It is often closed and used partially for the FOP standby line for some time. It would be open a bit later though

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Aaaaa, that would definitely be a mess, good to know amiga thanks! Don’t go that way @lcenkner!