Break From HS's - Beaches & Cream?

So we normally take a mid day break, but considering just powering through on our HS day (DD9, DS7). DW would like to try Beaches and Cream and I’m thinking this would be a good day to do it. It would give us a little break from the stimulation of the parks and allow the kids to chill out (and sugar up…hmmm). We alos have not seen Beach Club, so checking it out would be a cool break too.

So to the question:

  1. Does this break from HS’s make sense?
  2. Best transportation if we choose to do this?


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I would recommend Ample Hills over Beaches & Cream because:

(a) Ample Hills (Boardwalk) is closer to HS; and

(b) Beaches & Cream serves (at least last time I checked) Edy’s ice cream which you can buy at the grocery store. Ample Hills is more unique (google and check out their website).

Personally, I would walk from HS to the Boardwalk, but my wife and I are walkers (and our kids are still in strollers). My wife and I can do the walk in about 15 minutes, but not sure how you kids would handle the walk. The boats are another option but I have not taken the Epcot area boats so I can’t give guidance on them.


We did B&C for lunch on our EP day, it’s much closer - a 5 min walk from the IG.

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I agree! Without an ADR you will most likely be going to the take out count at Beaches and Cream, unless when they open back up (are they closed now?) they change their seating options with the expansion.

Thanks for the suggestions. I did see it is closer tk Epcot, but we have other meal plans during our time at Epcot, so I don’t think it will work that day.

We are also looking to do an actual meal (won’t do if we don’t land an ADR) and not just desert. Ample Hills looks great, but appears to just be ice cream for the most part.

Anyone know how long the boat from HS to BC takes?

A safe bet for the boat is 20 minutes from HS to BC once you get on. The boat queue builds at the times you think it will, but generally, during the midday, you won’t have to wait for another boat because of lines.

You have all of the restaurants of the EP area resorts that are open at that time at your disposal.
Swan / Dolphin
Beach / Yacht.

I’d suggest that if Beaches&Cream is high on your list of must tries, then go for it. But, there are a lot of other options. This is one reason why the EP area resorts are fantastic. Walking distance to two parks, and they are all connected by walking paths and the Friendship Boats.

Plenty of ppl love Beaches& Cream, research your other options in the area you’ll be passing to get to Beaches&Cream, you’ll make the right choice. I happen to be in the Ample Hills camp all day long over B&C (for ice cream,) but that’s just my opinion. The Fountain at Dolphin will also be a similar diner / sundae joint, but it’s not going to have the same ambience as B&C, although the food and ice cream might be considered to be superior to B&C. You’ll pass Swan / Dolphin, and Boardwalk to get to B&C. Boardwalk has a few places that are Disney run, Swan/Dolphin are not Disney run - they will not take DP credits (and some will tell you that they are better because they are not Disney run.)

Just check what’s open at the time you’ll be looking to eat. B&C is iconic, it’s a fine choice, but there are other options that might be better for you.

Just my opinion:
I’d eat somewhere on the BW, and then do Ample Hills for dessert, but that’s just my opinion. I’m a big fan of AH. Please note, Ample Hills has no seating, so it’s order something, and then head out to the BW, which has benches (maybe a few tables - can’t remember, but don’t think so.) You might want the seating at B&C instead which is totally understandable. B&C would be a one stop shop for you for food and ice cream.


Is Beaches and Cream open right now? When is your trip?

Not until May, should be reopened by then.

Thank you for the great feedback here, very good advice.

I second this!! We have done a meal at B&C and we were underwhelmed with the food. Maybe it’ll improve once they open back up but I was super let down by the quality. The ice cream was good but Ample Hills was amazing!!!


I’ve never been to Ample Hills, so can’t compare the taste of their ice cream to that of Beaches ‘n’ Cream. That might make a difference to you, but to your kids, probably not. What I will say is that B&C is more about the experience and some of their over the top sundae offerings, particularly the Kitchen Sink. It is something we did for the first time at our most recent trip, surprising DD9. $40 is a little much for ice cream, but watching her eyes light up and her jaw drop when the waitress sat that giant bowl down in front of her was priceless.

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Yes when we went we actually just did the Kitchen Sink for lunch and it was a really fun experience that stands out much more than any other ice cream we’ve had there.

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Ample Hills is the best ice cream I’ve ever had. (Though the place itself is just a store.)

@jeremy.dmiller -

What @TwoBits, and @missoverexcited have written - that’s very good intel. I don’t think you’d be making a bad choice at all by going to B&C. All in all, it sounds like a pretty good choice for you. If you have folks that WANT to try B&C, and it fits into your plans, go for it. It’ll be a good break, all in one, the novelty and the smiles, and memories will probably happen. B&C is not a BAD choice at all. If you’ve never been to BW, you might wanna plan to walk off a little bit of ice cream - just walk on over from BC. LOL - maybe save room for a scoop from Ample Hills too! Be warned tho - the Boardwalk Bakery and Ample Hills have windows that you might look in, and be drawn to enter cartoon style, floating in nose first following the scents. I will say this: The Bakery treats I’ve tried were more sizzle than steak. They look REALLY good, but, I can easily pass right on by. Ample Hills, however… that’s an automatic stop for our fam. It doesn’t even get questioned. If we are near, we are going. It’s a foregone conclusion. No conversation even needs to happen.

Thanks again to everyone, outstanding discussion that has the dw rethinking this. Still may go, but going to look at some other options as well.

Great to know the boat is just 20 min or so, that may be a nice break in itself from HS.

We plan Beaches & Cream for a HS day and really enjoy the boat ride there, just make sure we leave plenty of time to allow for transportation. We like the atmosphere and if you like diner-style food it’s close to QS prices for a TS meal so it’s a good value out of pocket.

Do you recall how long the trip took you?

We left HS at 12.45, took the boat to EP and arrived at Chefs de France at 1.29 for our 1.30 ADR if that helps.

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The boat is gonna be right around 30 minutes to Epcot, once you are seated at DHS. Probably a little less depending on the loading/unloading stops on the way. 30 minutes is a “safe” amount of time dock to dock between ep and dhs.

That’s travel time. That doesn’t include any time you might have to wait to get on a boat. Usually, they are every 20 minutes. During mid day, there’s not many ppl loading / unloading, BUT, during times when ppl are moving around, you might have to wait for another boat.

Walking from DHS to BC might be a little quicker than the boat ride. Since you won’t be going the full way to the IG on the boat, I’d suggest that from dhs to BC will be a 20 min ride - once you are seated. Just don’t plan on being whisked away straight to BC as soon as you exit DHS. You’ll have to wait for a boat to arrive. You might get to the dock just when a boat is leaving. Which means you’ll have a little bit of a wait for the next boat.

General rule of thumb. If you turn left out of Hollyweird, and see that there’s a line of ppl waiting for the boat, and the line is backed up to the rounded walkway that leads to DHS, you might wanna think about walking to BC if you’re in a hurry. Chances are that you might not fit on the next boat.

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We usually give ourselves an hour for travel time and have extra time. It’s a nice resort to wander around, and DD8 likes the arcade.