Break for Mom & Dad

I want to plan an opportunity for me and the hubby to explore without the kids - I hear Epcot is a good place for Adults, but we’re big kids so any park will do. I’m looking for suggestions or experience with Disney sitters or the club to leave the kids, if there are any special accommodations in the park for adults to enjoy themselves, and your recommendation for what we should do.


There’s the new Pixar Play Zone at Contemporary for the kids. Drop off beginning at ?5pm and pickup at 10:30. Includes dinner and entertainment for them. $65/child.

I think I’d head to AK personally after that. Drinks at Nomad, dinner at Tiffins, and night strolling around the pathways.


We did the childcare center at AKL last time we went with our almost 5 year old twins. They absolutely LOVED it. I was impressed with the center. I was very sad when Disney announced that they were closing them. I am excited to try the new character experience. I’m hoping it will be similar, with more characters!

They have babysitting services available (there are two I believe, hourly, that will sit at your room… no swimming, no driving your child in their car, no bath time) at your resort. Kids Nite Out and Fairy Godmothers… you can read about it in the page for your resort here on Touring Plans… waaaaaaay towards the bottom of the page. Here’s one of the links…

The Disney blog talked about the new Pixar Play Zone at the Contemporary. Doors open at 5pm, and it runs from 6pm to 10:30pm (I don’t get what that means, that is just what I read). Like @OBNurseNH said, they get dinner, dessert, and structured entertainment for $65/each.

They must be potty trained to participate in that program. Not sure if that is a factor or not for you both.

I say it might be FUN for the kids to try out the alone time! The kids even get to have a dance party at the end, woot!

~ Josie ~