Brazilian Tour Group strategy

Let’s go back in time to our last trip (long ago now, July 2007).

We stayed at All Star Movies for five days. Unfortunately, it seemed to coincide with a massive Brazilian soccer tour - the resort was overrun with hundreds of unsupervised late-teens.

It was easy enough to dodge them at the resort (except maybe for that one day where we retreated to our room before they decided to have a wet t-shirt contest at the pool).

What really annoyed me that trip was that they organized into military units - literally hundreds of them, all dressed in their same soccer shirts, being led by a lone adult with a Brazilian flag. If we got stuck in a line behind them, we could automatically double our wait times.

Fast-forward to today.

We’re staying at a moderate - I’d hope that is out of the price range for most group trips. I’ve been planning our trip longer than the allies planned D-Day, so I’m hopeful all the strategies work.

Anybody have any recent experience with our young football playing visitors?

I wouldn’t worry about them this year, from what I’ve read. Not many of them coming to WDW for reasons including their bad economy and the summer Olympics. When is your trip? I agree with your thinking about moderates.

Agree with what was posted above. Brazil’s economy is in the tank and all indications are that outside of the upper echelon of Brazilian society discretionary spending has gone way down. Given all those factors plus as @mkmuzzy mentioned being the host country for the Olympics, I would be pretty confident that your trip should be safe from Brazilian invaders! ha

I’ll echo the above.
We always go in January, which was an enticing time of year for the Brazilians too. None there this past time.
I’ve only ever seen the groups at the values. Just a guess, but I think whatever super-deal Disney offers them is only valid for the value resorts. They would be the only locations that could accommodate that many at once.

It doesn’t matter that they are a Brazilian group or not. You are talking about a large group of kids. American kids would be no better. Sure they cannot understand many of our verbal and non-verbal cues but virtually all foreign travelers there are clueless in that regard. The biggest problem, in general, were groups of whatever nationality. They tend to go to the same spot at the same time. And with groups of more than 4, the chances that someone will be LOUD and obnoxious goes way up. At least when they speak a different language you cannot understand their whining. I almost went off on a few Americans who were complaining very loudly and @#%@#% about how lousy such and such was. That is just ruining it all for everyone else. But I can understand what you are saying. Most American groups were 3-4 people. Latins are very group oriented and tend to be very expressive.