Brazil Pavillion Coming to Epcot?

This rumor seems to have new life! Any thoughts? This kid/guy seems to get it right sometimes.

It’s greenlit, but not announced according to more than one source. Possibly saving it for D23. It’s been in the pipeline for at least a couple of years, but just kept hitting snags with the funding, afaik.

If it’s going to be finished for 2022 (the 40th anniversary for Epcot), they’ll have to start soon.

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My SO tries to one up me on Disney news so got a text this am about it but do not know where it is going in WS.

The likely position is between Germany and Italy, where the trains are now.

Hopefully the trains will be moved. Apparently they were in the past, can’t remember when or why though, or even where to! But if they’ve done it before then hopefully they will do so again, permanently.

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There are currently 6 expansion pads available. 2 between China and Germany, one between Germany and Italy, one between Japan and Morocco, one between the IG and UK, and one between UK and Canada. The one by the IG may or may not still be viable with the construction of the skyway. In the original plan there were 20 “slots” around WS; America was given 2 (10 and 11). One slot was lost to the Norway/Frozen expansion, and one was lost to the France expansion. Rumors about whether a Brazil "land’ will be built are still all over the map, but if it’s going to be built, between Germany and Italy is the most likely location.

Just to add fuel to the rumor fire, it seems that India is also being “discussed”

As a side note, Equatorial Africa, Israel, and Spain were the three “coming soon” countries announced when EP opened. The only thing that came of them was the Outpost, which would have been the entrance to the Africa pavilion.

Did anyone else get to visit during 2000? I enjoyed a number of the temporary countries set up at that time.

Yes, we were there in June 2000.


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Well…if all the tour groups (the 15s) congregate there - or decide that with it Disney is too close to home and quit going I guess it could be a good thing?

One to skip for me for sure. Those groups there and in NYC have turned me off of ever wanting to visit their countries.

Yep, we were there in November; the countries were set up in the kind of strange building near Canada. In particular, I remember the motion-based film in Israel; I always thought that had they built the Israel pavilion, that was a version of the ride that would have been there.

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Yes! I very much remember Israel and Sweden from that experience.

Sorry I missed the Millenial Celebration!