Brain on overload for ADR's!

Ok, so tomorrow my 180 day window opens…I have my CC info already in, have typed out my date and resv # so I have it …but I am new to the computer, I used to just call…

My question is, my window opens tomorrow, and I know about the 10 day rule, but on my first reservation can I get something that is 4 days out from the “open date” or do I have to do that one first so it knows my reservation info and that I am in that window?

I have some heavy hitters: BOG, Ohana, LeCellier…so I want to be right on it,

Thanks…trying not to panic here…

Once you have your resort information added, you can book 180 + 10 days out. so as long as that’s done, you can get ADRs for any day within your resort stay period.

But just to allay anxiety, I was showing someone how to make ADRs, and I was seeing BOG available for lunch and dinner as close in as March (< 4 months). I was able to get a BOG lunch ADR two weeks before our trip last May.

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The.first ones I booked were three days after our first day (my 180 day window had opened, booked reservations for day 183 first). I had no problems . .

If you are logged into your MDE account your days should open. It has been glitchy for me and for two trips it would get all the way to the last step and then I would get an error message. My last time it did this from a browser but it let me book all days through my iPad app. I would not worry- many times I book everything one day at a time at day 180- you will get everything- good luck!

You can make your reservations in any order and many people suggest going towards the end of your vacation to make the harder to get ADRs first (CRT, CG, BOG, also the pre RD ones like CP and AH).
The past 2 times I have planned a trip for while staying on property, there were issues with MDE where even though I should have been able to make the ADR’s at the 180 days out and do 10 days out, but many times the dates were ghosted and it was not letting me make them, other times it would let me make one. I did call WDW dining and made the reservations that I still wanted.
I spoke with someone at MDE tech support and they said that there were issues that they were trying to fix but had not been able to. The dates of the 2 trips were May 31st, 2016 for 10 night (this trip was cancelled) and then the most current one - December 17 - 27, 2016.
My suggestion is to try on the MDE but if you have issues, call to WDW Dining and make your ADR’s that way.
Another thing, make sure you use the reservation finder on here if you can’t get ones you want. I have been able to secure a CG for 7:25pm when I had it for 9:25pm, also was able to, as of today, change a CP from 9:45am to 8:25am on our last day.

Good luck on getting all you are wanting to do.

Yep, any order. The first one I booked was for my 180+7 Dinner (V&A Chef’s Table). Regardless of what day they are on, go for the hardest to get ones first. In the case of the 3 you listed, I would do BOG, then Ohana, then Le Cel. If you have others planned as well, have a list in front of you with the dates and approx times that you want. For my last trip I had 13 ADRs, and I got the whole list done in about 45 min. I got every one I wanted, on the days I wanted them, for at least close to the times that I wanted.

And if you don’t get everything you want at first, don’t despair. On a different trip there was a hard to get one that I wanted but couldn’t get. I stalked the dining site for months, and then finally got the one I wanted 2 weeks before the trip. :slight_smile: