Brady Bunch Trip 6 adults

I am planning an Orlando vacation for myself, new hubby, my kiddos (22yo b/g twins) and his two kiddos (20yo girl and 22yo boy). Feels like the Brady bunch. Would love suggestions for accommodations for this motley crew. The kids are just getting to know one another so too much togetherness might be an issue. One big room? Not my first choice. Suites? Could work. Three adjoining rooms might be ideal but could break the bank. Someone out there has a brilliant idea I am sure.

Saratoga Springs Treehouses might be a nice touch. They are a little spread out, but could be a way for everyone to be together, but not on top of one another.

The Villas might be too expensive, but doesn’t hurt to look.

There’s no guarantee you’ll get adjoining, but 3 rooms at POFQ (where it’s set up a little more intimate than Caribbean Beach or Riverside) might be a good idea, too.

You won’t fit at AoA or at the All Star Sports suites. The pull down bed is too small IMO.


Are you completely married to staying onsite? If not, I would recommend one of the several offsite condos for rent in the area. Some start at about $100 night.

I would be happy to recommend a couple we have stayed at and have been pleased with!

Oh, and @DarthDopey knows her stuff!

PS - Welcome @goldenmesa!


No tips to add but welcoming you @goldenmesa, have a great trip!!

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Three rooms at Pop or All-Stars will be your cheapest onsite options. The AoA suites and the All-Star suites fit six, but those will be very close quarters, and not that much cheaper than the three Pop rooms. Pop is a fun resort, and I really think kids that age would enjoy it. While connecting rooms can be requested, they are not guaranteed - but with that age, it really is not as important. You could also try two FW cabins or something like that - but it will add up.

By far the cheapest option will be to stay offsite. We stayed at a place several years ago that had up to three bedrooms and was still far less than the cost of one moderate room onsite. But for six of you, you’ll need a large rental car and that will definitely add some cost.