Bourne Stuntacular question

About how many folks get into each showing? My question stems from the fact that we can go to the parks early on Sunday afternoon/evening albeit without our UEPs (which we’ll have the following two days). It seems like the best thing we can do to maximize our time in the parks is to wait for something we’d have to wait for anyway (even if we had UEP), like the Bourne show. If we are the 200-204th folks in line, will we get into the theater for the next showing?

The park will be open till 9 PM on 11 April (Sun) with CL 9 which seems to indicate the showings for Bourne will be something like on 26 March (Showtimes for 26 March USF). If we line up for the 5:15 or 6:15 showing, will we need to be 20 minutes early or more? We’ve never been to Universal before, let alone during a physically distant time.

What about for a 6 PM showing of Animal Actors on Location? Is that one less popular, so would 20 minutes early get us in?

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I went on a crowd level 10 and had to wait for one full show plus some for Bourne. I was able to catch next showing horror make up show and animal actors and not wait long 15 min maybe. No express pass and in the afternoon on a Saturday


If you’re waiting inside you’ll be in the next show, that’s the general rule of thumb.


It’s a very large waiting room. Parties are grouped in pods. I can’t remember exactly, but I would guess around 30-40 parties. It seemed like a hundred people.


I think that sounds right. 3-4 rows and there are at least ten parties per row

We were in the back of one row next to the trash can and my daughter found a scavenger hunt clue taped to the back of the trash can and an employee came searching for it 15 min later. It was something they had done for his bday.