Bounceback versus AP discount

Does anyone know how the current bounceback compares to AP discounts? I will be visiting in December, and planning another trip for Feb. 4-10. We would be looking for probably AKL, PORS, or POFQ. AP discount excludes weekends, and is generally 30% off AKL standard, 20% off AKL savannah view, 25% off PORS, 20% off POFQ.

Trying to decide if I should book now, or wait 36 days and check out the bounceback.

Why don’t you book now, and then if the bounceback is better cancel the one you book now.

If you are looking for Frbraury you should ask for a quote from magical vacations travel. I have a friend that received a quote the other day. AP was better than BB but MVT saved her $100.

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So, I did check in with Magical Vacations Travel, not expecting much, as I’m only looking for a room-only and not a package. I was quoted POFQ at ~ $100 less than the Orbitz price, so about $220 less than WDW (I think Orbitz includes a booking fee or something, the supposed $150 off discount is never actually $150 less than direct with WDW for me).

But we really like PORS, and PORS is excluded from the AP discount (or all out of rooms). MVT quoted $400 less than the Orbitz on PORS, almost $500 less than WDW rack rate. The difference between PORS and POFQ was about $40 for the week, and while there are definitely merits to POFQ, we like PORS so much that we jumped on it for the minimal cost difference.

I’m excited, it works out to be about $150/night for PORS, and the same or less than some of the off-site options we were pricing (without the need to rent a car).

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That is so great to hear! I am so glad you got a good deal!