Bounceback help!

We checked out today from AKL and Loved it! We had an amazing time! Everything ran smoothly and perfect.

Last year we went for a quick trip and stayed at a POP and my boys and husband hated it.

I would like to take advantage of the Bounceback offer, but since it will be our quick trip year I don’t want to stay in deluxe and have to do table service for dining.

So what would be a good moderate? It can’t be POFQ because they aren’t participating. And, not POP or an All Star.

You are calling today, right? I am going to vote for CSR. After the refurbishment it is just beautiful.


Yes!! That’s why I put the explanation points!!! It’s an urgent question. :joy: We are midway into our 20 hour ride home and I’m researching.

I’ve seen pictures of the new towers and it is beautiful! The recent comments on the bus situation scared me, but hopefully they will have that fixed by next year!

You will read comments about the buses for all of the moderates (except FQ) because they all have multiple stops. I think the cabins are also technically moderates- that might be a choice too? Until POR rooms are all refurbished I personally would book CSR.

I just did! I’m super excited! My countdown is long again now.


Congrats on your booking!

Thanks! I’m going to wait to tell my husband until he forgets about the 20 hour drive. I made the reservation at a rest stop! If I wait a few months, all he will remember is the Disney vacation and not the travel part. It’s sort of like childbirth :joy::joy::joy: