Bounceback at same resort?

When you book a bounceback, do you have to book at the same resort you’re staying at? (We’re staying at FW Cabins in October…do we have to book the bounceback there or can it be a different resort for next summer?) Any other bounceback tips?

No, you can book the bounce back for almost any resort - I think things like the AoA Little Mermaid rooms and maybe the Copper Creek cabins are excluded. Offer currently available s for free dining. We stayed at POR last year and booked for this year at AoA (Nemo) via the 2018 bounce back (room discount).

If you use a travel agent, you can give them a heads up before you go that you plan to book the bounce back.

You can book at any participating resort. Some resorts have limited availability especially in certain room classifications. Be prepared with resort, room, type and flexible dates when booking. Only the check in day must fall into the offer window for the entire trip to get the offer. It must be booked while you are onsite. My last travel agent was not interested in booking the bounce back offer for us but our new agent does. Booking the bounce back seems to take a long time on the phone. I had our TA book our bounce back this year. That saved precious time and aggravation and cost nothing more than if I booked it.

How do you find out about Boucebacks? We were at POR last May, and never heard about this opportunity.

I googled to find out the details on the current offering. We may have had a notice in our room last year. If we didn’t I have a note in my phone to call 8844 from the room to book the bounce back. I’m hoping my TA does it for me this year as it did take quite awhile.

There should be a card in the booklet in the room but it is not necessary

Here is what was in our room.

Can you book through guest services at the desk or does it have to be by phone?

No. It has to be by phone. It’s separate and many people say that cast members at the desk know nothing about bounce back offers.