Bounce Back Strategy

Disney is offering a Bounce Back offer that I will be eligible for since I will be there 09/13/06. The BB is for free dinning with very specific stay dates. However a minimum of a 2 day park hopper ticket must be purchased. We would check in on 05/29/2017. If I do this I plan on buying at least five 7 day PH ticket, that I want to bank for probably a couple of years.Can I bank the tickets? The second part is can I later on reassign the banked tickets to a different person? If one of the tickets was bought for an 11 yr old can it be reassigned to a 3 year old? Originally I was going to book the rook at POR for 2 adults and 4 children 3 of the children being 11 and one being 2. However, when we actually arrive one of the 11 year olds would actually be 8. Since they already have an annual pass it would impact them on being able to book fpp at 60 days since in reality they would not be staying there. So next thought. 2 adults 2 11 yr olds 1 8 yr old and 1 2yr old. Now the fpp issue should be fixed because the 2 adults the 11yr old and the 8 yr old already have an ap. So fpp issue corrected. So what about the mystery 11 yr old well I want to us that ticket in a couple of years when I would have to buy the now 2 yr old a ticket, so that is the main reason for the question is can I reassign that ticket to the 3yr old down the road. End result of thought process the 6th person that really doesn’t exist. All parties can be in the room since 2 yr old doesnt count. If my think is correct I just gained 6 ts 12 snacks and qs credits for the invisible person. the room cost 1624.02 before tax. the free cost of the dinning plan 1665.9 I think before tax. So in reality Disney is paying me. Now I have to buy4 10 plus tickets and one 3-9 ticket 2175.00. Besides some moral issues does anyone see in loopholes in this or will there be an issue reassigning a ticket down the road.

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You can “bank” the tickets. You create imaginary friends and family and reassign the tickets to them. The tickets then sit there until you need them (reassign at that time).

Are you sure you can put 6 people on that reservation even if one is two?

Also, if I understand correctly, the ticket you buy for the 11 year old would be an adult ticket so probably not worth giving it to a child in a few years.

PrincipalTinker The room at POR allow for 5 people and since the 2yr old does not count it will allow it to go to 6. I already put the numbers in and tried to book online to see how many people it would allow.

melcort10 The difference in the 2 tickets is 20 bucks.

Principaltinker since the tickets would be bought as a package can i later upgrade those to anual passes?

Yes! You can upgrade (sooner rather than later to get the benefits ).

Good to know they allow the 6- although imagine if you tried to do that? Where would the pack and play go?

At POR? I’d move the table into the vanity area and use its spot for the pack-n-play.

Tink ap would expires nov 2017 figure i would start back again in 2019 is that too long to hold the ticket. Always subject to change.

I think the pir rooms are actually crowded with 5.

Yeah- you have that pull down bed and a pack and play- imagine?

No thank you

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so did it work?