Bounce Back on a Bounce Back?

In May we took advantage of a bounce back offer and are now returning in December. Questions: Can we take advantage of another bounce back again and plan another trip? Will they allow people to piggyback their bounce backs over and over? In my way of thinking it seems better to offer us a bounce back because we will take it, without the offer we won’t return for a much longer time. So offering us a discount seems advantageous over just hoping we will return. The other question is are there only certain times of the year that a bounce back offer is available? When we went in May we saw that the last bounce back window ended in December, and didn’t extend into 2019. Basically I need a bounce back 101 class. This is the first time we knew about them and took advantage. We’d love to be able to leverage this into future discounted trips. I appreciate any bounce back wisdom! Thanks!

There is always a bounce back offer and yes you can book again. In December the offer will be a discounted room in 2019 if it is the same offer as in the past. It will not be available for all dates . Before your trip post here or on chat and ask what the current offer is. That way you will know and will be able to call and book. You do not need a flyer in your room to make that call.

Piggy backing on this topic…

Are bounce back offers on the same resort/destination or can you book a Disney Cruise while you’re on vacation at WDW?

You can only book a WDW Resort. On a cruise you can book your next cruise for a discount.