Bounce back offers

Do they offer bounce back offers for value resorts? If so what is the typical percentage off? I know you have to book it before leaving the hotel… do you have to put $200 down or pay in full? Can you stack any other discount (AP, ect) on top of it?

This is the current offer we had in our brochure at Pop. No discount for value.

If you call the number people have been able to get an unadvertised BB for a value. In October and Decemberthe BB rate was better or equal to the AP rate ( Dec. WL the only AP rooms I could find were very expensive). For my next trip in April the AP rate was better and they had a standard view at YC and BB only offered water view. I think you have to pick one offer, not stack them.

I stayed at All-Star Sports earlier this month (January 2015) and did a bounce back to stay again at All-Star Sports. Although they wouldn’t tell me what the % discount was, there definitely was one. By my estimation, roughly 25%, as we went to a preferred room for 3 nights and paid $103 less than it would cost at the current non-discounted rate for the same room and time period.

The image above is exactly what was in my room brochure. You just have to ask. And they automatically give you a preferred room. If you don’t want that you have to tell them that, too.

Good luck!