Bounce back offer

We are heading to Disney world December 9-15th this year. I just heard about bounceback offers and I have a few questions. What are the typical offers in December? I am thinking of going back April 22nd - 27th 2019 so I am trying to guesstimate what the cost might be and if that is a good time to go(EasterMonday would be our first day). Any insight is appreciated

I have found that it is usually “up to 25% (used to be 30%?)” on selected dates throughout the year. Although it is a “room only” you can add dining and/or tickets too.

Thank you so you would take 25ish percent off the room cost and then add dining and such to get the potential package cost correct?

Yes, but the 25 percent could be on some deluxe resorts, not all. It would be less for a moderate and sometimes 10-15% on a value?

We are going in September and I’m thinking about booking for December. My first question is, if we have a second trip planned and deposit down, can we still get the bounce back offer/ discount for December? My next question is, the dates I was thinking about in December, include the bounce back offer dates. But the entire trip (dates) is not included in those dates. I am thinking December 2 or 3 - 9. I think the bounce back begins like December 6. Would it be much better for me to go December 8 or 9 - 15 or 16? Crowd calendar just looks better the first week. I’m looking at staying moderate and have annual passes. Thank you in advance for any information.