Bounce Back offer with six guests?

We just wrapped up a stay at BC in one of the “deluxe” rooms that accommodates six. We called to book a “bounce back” trip, hoping to take advantage of free dining for the six of us. I was told they had no rooms available that accommodate us “with that offer” - so my only option is to book two rooms - which of course costs more (with free dining) than just booking the one deluxe room and paying for DDP. Has anyone had better luck with similar situations?

The cabins at FW were not included in the offer?

OK, silly question…what is a “bounce back” trip? I can sort of gather the idea from the name…but can you explain more?

I just got a bounce back offer in the mail and we haven’t even gone to our “campsite” yet. I wonder if they have lower spring reservations???

When you are on a trip to Disney you can book a “bounce back” if you are returning within the offered time. Until October 31st, the bounce back is for free dining during selected dates in 2020. When this expires it most likely will be a discount on rooms, select dates in 2020.

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It is kind of strange. Maybe 10 years ago we had an offer for I believe 30% off if we stayed at Poly again within 6 months. Since then we have never seen another in room offer or Bounce Back as you call it and we have been to WDW probably 8 times since. I wonder if this is a Europian thing.

Even if you don’t see a flyer with the offer on it in your room, you can always book a bounce back trip.

You need to ask at the front desk of your resort, in person, for the details. And pretty sure it must be booked before you leave - you may have until the end of check-out day. @PrincipalTinker, can you clarify please?

Yes, it needs to be booked by the time the phone lines close on check out day. The flyer is usually in the resort information folder/book in the room. I remember years ago it used to be stuck on the cabinet where the TV was, then there was a flyer, now it is usually in the resort info. Since it is a wdw travel product I think the front desk is usually clueless. You need to call during your stay, (tel:407-939-1923)or ext 8844 from room. They need to be able to “see” you in they system.

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Just to follow up… We live here in the US, and I knew about the offer by reading this forum – and reading the details on this post at Disney Tourist Blog.

I booked the two rooms at YC intending to call back and alter the reservation. I did that last night – spent an hour on the phone with an agent who had a very heavy accent – he could not understand me and I could not understand him. He altered my reservation to a single room “for the same price” – you mean I can get one for the same price as two, gee thanks! – before transferring me to Guest Services to look into the free dining package (which he dropped for me). Guest Services could not understand him either, and I explained what I was trying to do. She ended up redoing the entire reservation, this time booking a Family Suite at Art of Animation – with free dining for six of us, this cost about $1000 less than we paid for a stay at BC in a “deluxe” room with DDP for the same length of time. This was for an August 2020 trip. In other words, I don’t think the free dining offer saves much money at all – surprising to me since I’d expect with a family of six the savings would be substantial.

We’re going to cancel the reservation and take our chances with a better room + park offer coming later in the year. Signed up for the credit card as well, hoping to cast a wider net and get a richer offer than we would off the street.

I’m kinda ticked off about this. I had no idea this was even a thing and there wasn’t anything in our room about it. I read through all of the pamphlets left in our room and even saved them for my scrapbook and there isn’t anything there. If I HAD seen this, I would have taken advantage of it. :frowning: