Boulder Ridge Two Bedroom Villa

We leave for Walt Disney World on Saturday. For the first week, my daughter and her soon to be fiance will join us. We have a two bedroom villa at Boulder Ridge Villas. Have they removed the dishes and silverware in favor of paper and plastic during COVID? If so, I will probably need to bring some extra paper plates and plastic ware. Also, we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge for a couple of days last week. They had replaced the iron with a steamer. Do the Boulder Ridge Villas still have irons or do they have a steamer also. Thanks in advance for any help I can get.

You should not have to bring any paper plates or plastic ware. If you need more of anything you just need to call. They will bring you more and there is no charge.


Thank you!

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Now that you mention it I think there was a steamer in my BWV room in June. I didn’t even think about it. I don’t think I looked at Kidani.

In April our 1 bdr and 2 bdr at Riviera had real plates/glasses. From what I’ve seen recently in walk through videos, it’s only the studios that have paper/plastic.

There were rumours before the re-opening that they would be removing everything from the DVC kitchens, all the cookware and all the crockery and glasses.

I seem to remember there were recommendations from somewhere about holiday homes and there was some concern about DVC.

But none of it happened in the end. Studios still mostly use paper ware, but the kitchens are fully equipped.