Boulder Ridge DVC Question

We just got home from our 10 day trip to Disney. We stayed in a Boulder Ridge 2 bedroom for the first 6 nights and we really loved everything about it. We stayed in a Copper Creek studio for the last 3 nights. We found Copper Creek to be rather generic in theming and very cramped–but our impression may have been skewed by coming directly from the Boulder Ridge 2 bedroom. I have been considering purchasing a DVC membership since our trip. We are Wilderness Lodge people, and would only want to stay in Boulder Ridge or Copper Creek. Does anyone know how difficult it is to get reservations at these two properties if you have a DVC membership. We are thinking Boulder Ridge would be our first choice for a home resort.

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During the holiday season, yes so book in advance. Copper creek studios are pretty hard to book year round, but the others are easier. Boulder Ridge is getting a major refurb next year and I expect it will get what is becoming the standard bland remod.

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Oh, that makes me sad. I hate the new look the Wilderness Lodge rooms have. Copper Creek was new and “nice” but it didn’t give me the dose of nostalgia I look for when we go back to the Wilderness Lodge. We stayed there the first time only 4 months after it opened and we have been there at least a couple dozen times since then. I was looking forward to bringing my grandkids to sleep in the bunk beds my little girls loved–but they are gone too. I was considering switching to Fort Wilderness Cabins but I am apprehensive as to what the new resort will do to that area. I think we would be most often looking for a one bedroom and we (almost) always go in September to avoid the crowds as much as possible. We always took our girls out of school Labor Day week for our Disney trips. I guess I am getting “old” when I hate every new change they make, lol!


Yeah there is one thing that is certain and that’s change is going to happen. I hope it retains a lot of it’s wilderness vibe, but just based on recent refurbs it seems the decor is more muted.

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Keep in mind in general 1 bedrooms are IMO easier to find than studios across all resorts and if you purchase into VWL or CC you have the 11 month window. If your a planner that makes it easier to get what you want/need…