Both F! and Fireworks in one night?

Headed to our first time at DP Oct 14-20. Want to see “regular” fireworks so made sure to schedule to get there by Sunday 14th. Is it possible to do both Fantasmic and fireworks in one night? If so, where to watch both? Pay for F! viewing? If we’ve seen F! at WDW is it worth it? Is it the same? Thoughts on priorities? We will see Halloween fireworks later in the week, but we wanted both.

If Fantasmic! is shown twice on the night in question, it is relatively easy to watch the fireworks first and then find a spot for the second showing of Fantasmic!

If F! is only shown once that night, you will have trouble transitioning from F! on the Rivers of America to the hub for fireworks in the short break between them.

Personally, I refuse to go to F! at WDW any more, because I prefer it at DL that much - it feels hollow at WDW by comparison.

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If you watch the first F! & then stay put, they will pipe in the music over the speakers in the area & use the same water screens on the Rivers of America to show the projections that accompany the FWs (same as the projections on the castle, Main Street & it’s a small world facade which are all now considered viewing areas).

Depending on where you are positioned along the river you may be able to see the majority of the big bursts over ToonToon (there are some big trees in the area so if you are closer to Big Thunder/hub side of the F! viewing area you may have those big trees blocking the bursts).

If you are wanting to do both & only one F! is scheduled then this is a great option for you.
However, if 2 shows are scheduled then you’ll be able to see FWs from anywhere you want (my favorite is in Main Street to see the FWs centered over the castle as designed AND to also see the projections really well all along Main Street) and then head to F! viewing for 10:30 show.

I’m not sure what FWs show will be showing in October (right now it’s a Pixar specific show for Pixar fest) but last year it was Remember! Dreams Come True which is an awesome FWs show (created for DL 50th anniversary) and is very similar to WDW’s (now retired) Wishes FWs with same begining & ending sequences but Remember is narrated by Julie Andrews. I much prefer Remember to Wishes & haven’t seen the new HEA to compare.

Personally, I love both & ideally you’ll be able to see both in their full effect. But if you have to choose, I would put seeing F! as a higher priority since at DL it is so much better as the effects were built to be viewed along ROA & is one of Disney’s best done shows. FWs are awesome, but F! along ROA is a do not miss at DL!

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Thanks! Would it be helpful to do a dining event to get into the reserved seating for that second show? I’m considering BB as we’d eat there anyway. Park crowds are predicted to be 6/10 as of now, so I’m concerned they will only go up (Sun Oct 14). If we get a spot by the photo shop on Main Street and cut through by Jolly Holiday is that the fastest? I don’t think the Pixar thing will still be showing after fireworks as that’s scheduled to end with Pixar Fest on Sept 3. Therefore, fireworks would be even faster and we ought to make FP seating location by 10pm for sure. In the past F! has been shown twice on this Sunday so that’s why I’m banking on it happening again. First time DLP visit, well versed WDW family…it’s so different and I’m feeling completely at the mercy of last minute planning as I’m used to 180 days. We like F! at DHS but if it’s that much better at DLP then wouldn’t want to miss it. That said, Disney fireworks hold a special spot in our family hearts so I feel it’s necessary to see them correctly even if we’re doing Halloween party or they are rumored to be cancelled so often.

Thanks! Do you recommend BB dining for the pass into the reserved section for the last minute arrival? What time do you recommend for BB dining for the second F! show but still getting a spot at main street for fireworks?

If you are already considering dining at BB then 100% yes do the BB dining package for the later show & watch FWs in between eating dinner & returning for the show. The BB dining section is front & center so it’s the best view there is of F! It is a section that requires you to sit on the ground & the cobblestones are uneven there so if your package doesn’t come with a seat cushion to use, then I would come prepared with something soft to sit on to ease that time of sitting on uneven cobblestones. They do allow you to stand up until a certain point, but even so you’ll be sitting for entire 25 min show.

FWs are special to us too so I totally get it! The Halloween ones are SUPER cool & we love them. But there’s nothing that can beat the classic good-feelings of a Disney non-holiday FWs show. Our favorite is Magical that ran a few years ago before the Diamond 60th anniversary. If they bring back Remember that one is a good one too. The only one I don’t really recommend spending time to watch is Fantasy in the Sky (it’s literally 5-6 min) and isn’t worth finding a spot anywhere with a great view for the short & little show that it is. They run that one usually during low-crowd/bad-weather times when they have a better chance of getting a 5-6 min break in the winds to have less cancellation (vs. a needed 15 min+ break for other shows).