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Posted this in Lines chat but was told it is better suited for the forum. This is my first forum post so I hope I’m doing it right and posting this question within the correct category. Anyways…We might be getting my dad tickets to see the Boston Red Sox as a Father’s Day gift. We have never traveled north (from NC and always vacation/travel in the south) so we’ve never been to Boston. Any hotel recommendations near Fenway? Any seating recommendations within Fenway? And price wise, are there still good view seats between $50-$100? Any tips, information, or advice is greatly appreciated because I know very little about baseball or Boston lol!


If you can find seats for $50 grab them. I don’t think they exist, really. But maybe bleachers or upper grandstand.

Hotel Buckminster is steps away from Fenway.

Yeah I was on Stubhub and was looking at Infield or Right Field Grandstand. Depending on who they’re playing, the tickets have been from $50 something to like $120. I would like to stay below $100. I know we aren’t going to have AMAZING seats at this price, but some decent ones would be nice lol! And thank you for that hotel recommendation, I’ll definitely look into it! And thank you for commenting on my Lines post earlier too! :slight_smile:


It may be easier and much cheaper to stay outside of Boston and Uber/Lyft to the game. We have a great public transportation system. Fenway is on the “green line”. I grew up in Watertown and we had a direct bus from Watertown Square. For years you could find me daily in the bleachers starting when I was around 11 or so. Fenway is is small park, really not any bad seats. Any blocked views should be clearly labeled.

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I’m not sure on Stubhub prices since we always buy tickets directly through the Red Sox, but whatever seats you end up looking at I would recommend checking them here first:

You put in your seats and it will show you either the actual view or a 3D drawing of the view, if there are any obstructions, if the seats are covered, etc. I have sat in the Grandstand a lot and think those seats are fine, but there are poles that can completely obstruct one of the bases depending on where you are so I wouldn’t buy any without checking that site first!

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When we stayed in Boston for a Fenway visit we stayed at the Howard Johnson’s right next to Fenway - it was a bit of a dive, but the location couldn’t be beat since we were going to 3 Red Sox games. That was '97 though and it appears it is now “The Verb Hotel” and has had a refurbishment. The location is perfect to walk to Fenway. I’d price it out to see if it’s acceptably priced on a game day (Google pricing is showing $149 for next week, but I didn’t check if the Red Sox are in town).

The T is a pretty good public transportation system and serves Boston well, but after a game it will be swarmed with people. We ended up needing to walk up a stop to hop on after a game one year as we couldn’t get near the Fenway stop due to the hordes of people - luckily it wasn’t that long a walk, but if staying away from Fenway, note you may need to kill some time after the game as a result.

I’d try SeatGeek for tickets - a lot of them are cross listed anyway, but SeatGeek does a pretty good job of telling you the value of the deal. My guess is you’ll find a lot of options under $100, far less closer to $50, but opponent and day will make a difference. There aren’t too many bad seats in Fenway as long as you’re not behind a pole. I’d look for tickets based on where your Dad enjoys sitting to watch a game and see if you can find any there in your price range…

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I agree that although Fenway tickets are expensive, there is not really a bad seat in the house unless you buy a seat with an obstructed view (it would be labeled as such). I hope you guys have a wonderful time. Fenway is one of my husband and I’s favorite places in the world.

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Thanks everyone for the tips and information!! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

We stayed at a Best Western hotel near the convention center. They have a shuttle service to the subway you can go.

Don’t know anything about baseball, Boston or Sox, but I wanted to welcome you to forum and let you know that I hope you stick around!


No bad seats! You’ll understand once you walk into the stands the first time. Pretty sure I got those right field seats in 2013 for about $100 a piece and it was a playoff game vs. TB Rays. So great <3