Borrowed points and shortened trips

I am currently planning a 5 night stay at AKL next May. I am thinking of extending it to 7 nights, but I’m not totally sure about that. I would need to borrow 29 points to make that happen (I have 2019 points that I have banked, and I will have all of my 2020 points, UY August). If I book the 7 nights, but then later decide to take it back down to 5 or 6 nights, when they “credit” my points back would they be willing to do so with just 2020 points? Or would it automatically be the 29 points I borrowed, then make up the difference with 2020 points? I will make the final decision before the end of March, which would allow me to bank those 2020 points.

Unfortunately the room that I am booking is one that is impossible to get more than .0001 seconds after the 11 month mark, so I would have to go ahead and book the 7 nights if I even think that might be a possibility. Thanks for any input!!

If I’m understanding the question right, you will be borrowing the 29 points from your 2021 UY into the 2020 UY to make the full reservation. Once you do that those '21 UY points cannot go back into the 2021 UY if there is a cancellation (pending COVID issues). However, if you do the partial cancellation and are due 29 points back (as long as you’re outside the window where they go into a holding account) they should give you the 2020 UY points that you could then bank into your 2021 UY. In other words, they should give you the most flexibility associated with those points that the rules afford.


Although they were more flexible with the closure, your borrowed points will remain in the UY you move them to.if you borrow 21 points to 20 they will stay in 20. I guess if you cancelled soon enough (before your banking) you could move UY 20 points banked to 21?