Booze at MK dessert parties

I’m reading that the Tomorrowland Terrace party and the after party will now serve beer & wine! This is a sweet surprise as I was already booked thinking there would be none. But I’m confused…the reports I’m reading say it’s only for those two (who stay in the terrace area) and seems to be differentiating the garden viewing version as not allowed. While I can see them not allowing alcohol to leave the terrace area, do you think that they may somehow also not allow us to have a glass with our food before we go out? Like wristbands or something? I hope not…that seems unfair.

There are three dessert parties. The Terrace and Garden After Party both have beer and wine. The Garden Before Party does not have alcohol. The Terrace dessert area (with covered seats) and the garden dessert parties take place in different areas. I would not expect them to allow alcohol to leave the dessert area.

“The Fireworks Dessert Party with Garden Plaza Viewing and the Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace both start with desserts in the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant prior to the fireworks.” I’ve read statements like this several times, and watched/read online reviews and such…I’ve been under the impression that the 2 groups are together but then the garden view people leave. I didn’t even consider that maybe there are different areas of the restaurant for the two pre-fireworks groups to eat…is that the case? Either way, garden view folks should be allowed to have an adult beverage before heading outside. The price increase was also applied to that party.

The before party is $10 less than the after party and $20 less than the Terrace party. If you enter the Tomorrowland Terrace area from the Plaza, you go up a ramp. On the right is the seating for the garden party. The before party checks in and are brought to a table. They get desserts and then go to the garden area. The Terrace party is in the area up the ramp, on the left. In that area people have tables, desserts are in the area and you stay throughout the show. The after party guests check in, get a wrist band, go to the garden and then get tables in the same where the before party guests ate. The area has been cleaned and set up for the second party during the show.