Booster seats allowed on Magical Express?

I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me to ask this sooner, but are booster seats allowed on Magical Express buses? I know car seats must be stowed, but are there shoulder seat belts and, if so, could I put my daughter on a portable backless booster for the ride?

No there are no seat belts. Busses have totally different safety regulations so you won’t need the booster (from a carseat crazy mom :wink: )

I’m almost positive there are seat belts on Magical Express? There are no seat belts on the park buses

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You are right, they do but it looks like boosters aren’t allowed in the passenger area

We just took the magical express and used our mifold booster seat with no problem! Granted it’s a small one tat fits in our backpack…but still worth sharing!

Do you have to have a booster seat? We will be using the magical express for the first time on our next trip and weren’t planning on bringing one. Our daughter will be 3.5 at the time.

No, you don’t. We have taken children as young as 2 and never used a booster seat. We sat them in the seat next to us but usually ended up holding them.

Thank you, everyone!