Booking tiffins before ROL available?

Planning a dinner at tiffins in November but ROL schedule not out yet. Do I just keep my reservation and hoping I can add on the dining package later or did I already miss my 180 ADR chance?

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The dining packages are often not released at the 180 mark. Keep your reservation for now. Keep checking for ROL dinner packages and book it when you can. Then cancel your original dinner reservation. You can’t just “upgrade” a dinner to a dining package.

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The ROL package is not even out for October yet ( I’m checking daily!!)
I have done what @Nickysyme suggested, I have booked Tiffins already (and TH!) and will drop them once I secure the dining package.

Last time dining packages sometimes we’re not available for times people had ADRs and they were waiting to convert. After they dropped them those package times appeared. Just know if you have the perfect time without the package there may not be any of those times on release day.

I have a 445 5reservation now . Will see /it works out for everyone :blush:

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Just curious. Is the ROL listed under they dining reservation area on my Disney experience just like any other meal, or is it in a separate area to keep an eye on

It’s in the dining Rivers of Light Dining Package.