Booking thru Orbitz

If booking on site thru Orbitz we save about $300 for a 3 night stay. Orbitz will only let us book 4 in a room even though it accommodates 5. I’ve read to just add extra person at check in. My question is will we still get early entry and express passes if booking through someone else and will we be able to get them for all 5 of us?

Do you have 5 adults or a adults and 3 kids? If you have kids, only book the 2 adults on Orbitz, otherwise they will charge you for having more than 2 people in the room (even though Universal does not). If all adults, go ahead and add them since you will have to pay extra. And yes, you can add people when you check in. We just stayed at Royal Pacific in April, had my 2 kids and I on the reservation (booked online 1 adult/1 kid, called Orbitz and had them call RPR to add my other child, worked great). When we checked in I added 2 more kids to my reservations so my kids’ friends would have express passes too. No problem to add them, and no charge although the lady at the front desk said they usually charge. They did not offer to give us a 5th sleeping surface though, so unless you are in a room with the sofa bed and 2 queens, you might need to provide your own bedding (blow up mattress).

Thank you! That was exactly what I neededicated to know. We are 2 adults and 3 kids so I went ahead and booked with 2 adults only.