Booking through Orbitz

Hi all. I just booked a room only reservation through Orbitz, and while it certainly was cheaper, it’s been an adventure. I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what “ANN Room Only” means on my reservation in MDE? Also, I read on this site somewhere (can’t find it now) that you have to change the shipping address for the Magic Bands – that was GREAT advice because it did indeed default to Orbitz’s address!!! Lastly, I’m having a bit of a problem adding my wife to the reservation. She’s joing half way through the trip and Orbitz can’t accommodate that set up. They said I have to do that when I get there, which I think means she will not be able to use Magical Express. Has anyone dealt with this before?

I do not recall anyone discussing adding an additional person to a reservation part way in, whether it was booked through WDW or a TA/Orbitz, so I don’t know if this is a WDW issue or an Orbitz one. You might want to call WDW Reservations about this - although they cannot do anything about this specific reservation, they might be able to tell you what Orbitz needs to do in order to accomplish this. It might be like adding kids - Orbitz’s system cannot cope with kids without charging for them, so you have to book just the adults and then Orbitz has to call WDW to ass the kids afterwards.