Booking things with friends, and paying

For our March trip, we are planning to do two paid events… Cirque du Soleil, and Hoop Dee Do.

Since we are two separate couples, but traveling together, usually booking things like dining together isn’t a problem. But in the case of these two events, it requires pre-paying

For Cirque, I think it will be easy enough for us to book our seats at the same time, but separately so that we just pick adjacent seats. But what about HDDR? Is there any problem with us being seated together if we book separately? Or is it better for me to book all four of us and then have them pay me back?

And for fear of this becoming one of THOSE threads…do you tip at HDDR? Unclear when it is a dinner show…and you prepay.



I’m pretty sure the small print says it includes a gratuity.

Okay. Thanks. I will double check for fine print! :grin:

ETA: And so it does!

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“Prices include tax and gratuity. ”

We gave our server $20 or $25 as a wee thank you.

If you can swing it, I’d just have them pay you back. That way you know reservations are taken care of.

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We did this during the July 2022 liner meet. It was very easy,

I always do this when travelling with friends. One of us pays and we just alternate ( I keep track) and we always end up even in the end. It’s so much easier than asking for split cheques, etc.

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This sounds like a pay for that in advance and just have them pay you back situation.

However, If you’re going on a trip that will have lots of back and forth paying, I strongly recommend Splitwise (the app). Makes it so easy to keep account of who owes what to whom!

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It was only on our last night at ‘Ohana that we realized our tabs probably all had gratuity added because of our party size.

Which means our servers made bank.

Which is fine, but a bit excessive :rofl:

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