Booking rooms question

So I was just reading my (2016) version of the Unofficial Guide and it said to phone for room rates and phone a few times. You get different answers. I just checked on the website and those prices seem pretty standard. Is there some secret path to savings by going through a CM rather than the website or is this last year’s news, particularly with the new website?

Discounts will vary depending on when they are released. I suspect that advice may be to book your room and then call to lower the rate as discounts become available?

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It also can be useful to check the website (or call) frequently if there’s limited room category availability, especially for travel dates that are very soon. For example, I’ve looked one day and only seen expensive club level rooms at BC/YC and then checked the next day and find a standard room available. My guess is that rooms go in and out of availability as people cancel trips or change resorts when discounts open up.

It’s also wise to ask a CM “Do you have any special rates or offers?” when calling. Basically Disney doesn’t volunteer the deals unless you specifically ask - they’re quite happy to have you book at retail if you’re willing. And of course you can’t really ask the web site.

I’d use the web to get a feel for pricing to give you an idea on resorts and what the retail (worse case) price is. Then call and talk to a CM to book and ask about deals. I’d also suggest checking out a Travel Agent as they often can get deals on room only stays if they book a block which can get you a great deal if you’re traveling when they have a discounted block of rooms at a resort you want…

That was the impression I got from what I read. But doesn’t that mean people will be calling to book instead? I thought it looked easiest to do on the web, but not if it means paying ‘retail’ when there might be an unadvertised deal available.

Also, if you’ve already booked, is it worth it to call? I mean, if a sale is announced, sure, but just on a chance when nothing’s been announced.

We’ve always stayed off site, so I’ve never had to pay attention to that section of ‘the book’.

If you’re confident you would have seen any “sale” notification, then probably not. Although calling to check would only cost you some time, so…

I’d probably recommend checking with a travel agent for a room deal, if all you’re finding is retail pricing for your time slot right now. It should be relatively easy to spot check a few travel agents via email just to see if they can offer you significant savings over what you currently have. Depending on what you have booked, you may be surprised.

Bottom line is I’ve never browsed the WDW web page and felt like I was booking a great deal. Calling and via travel agent, I’ve had that feeling though on occasion (I’ve also called and come up deal-less some years) - in part because you can easily check vs. the web and compare to see if you really saved.

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It does help if you navigate to the Special Offers page. Then you can see if the offers fit your dates, and then pick the right one and book through that.

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This is what I do too.

I did look at the special offers. We’re not travelling until March, so nothing yet. I just never thought to check with a TA or to call because it seemed so simple to just use the web.

What if I wait until specials are announced and then call? Or should I contact my TA now and start the process. Like I said, I have a room booked, but I guess I could cancel that and book anew, if I have to, right?