Booking 'options', thoughts?

Looking at a trip in September but there’s a glitch: Friggin moonlight magic is happening on one of my days(middle of the trip of all things), and it’s causing the room to be unavailable for that 1 day.

I’ve already wait listed, but I have a feeling it won’t go through until July (if it does) when the MM ticket “goes on sale” (and ultimately is sold out).

So I have a few options:

  1. Just stay the course and wait for the waitlist to go through.
    Pros: I’d get the dates I want AND a chance at MM should it go through early. And once MM gets “sold out”, it will likely become available.
    Cons: if it doesn’t go through, I have to cancel the whole thing cause I can’t afford an OOP trip. If it does take until July to get the res, I also then have to somewhat scramble for ADRs (not that I’m too worried though, as I am expecting to hit QS more than anything).

  2. Move the trip up by a week, to which there’s full availability.
    Pros: Full availabilty, I can start planning in earnest today. Also…heh gets me to Disney a week sooner.
    Cons: Possibly higher crowds by changing weeks. It’d depend greatly on how the virus impacts schools and people’s wallets overall. Weather could also be of a greater impact. No shot at Moonlight Magic (not that I really care though). Flight cost would go up by $50 (as of right now).

  3. Create 2 separate trips with a gap of the 1 day in the middle and wait list that particular day (and be prepared to bunk a night at Pop Century or something). And if it does go through, combine all “3 stays”.
    Pros: Keeps the desired days. Able to start planning/reserving things now.
    Cons: Will have to “move” twice if waitlist doesn’t go through. Almost guaranteed I won’t be able to keep the same room(which could also be a pro if the room placement sucks). Might make things confusing on the FPP/ADR side as it technically becomes “3 stays”.

  4. Bail on September all together and extend to December
    Pros: current availability looks good (could change, but i doubt it), all the Christmas activities, better weather.
    Cons: Crowds larger. cold/hot/cold days. possibly a rebounding of the coronavirus causing another closure and thus ultimately forcing to cancel.

Sitting here wondering if there’s an option I’m missing too.



I agree with @OBNurseNH : 2 seems your least disruptive/worrisome option to me


If you wanted Moonlight Magic I would say book a cash room as a holder for that night and keep your waitlist. If not-2

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Can you book a different resort for that one day?

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Most likely. Something like Pop would be the obvious choice.

However, I just realized there was a 5th option (took me a while, but I got there). I do both 1 and 2. I book #2 and leave the waitlist running. Should the waitlist come through on #1, and if flight changing is not prohibitively expensive, then I just cancel/move #2 over to #1 and we’re good.

Thanks guys!


You have enough points to book both without borrowing?

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yeah, after april, I’ll have enough. And if it happens before, I imagine I’ll get a notice and then contact DVC To straighten it all out (that’s what the DVC rep told me when I last talked to them).

Isn’t it funny how DVC patters differ so much from regular crowd pattern? You would think that “higher crowds” would equal less availability! I would probably still do #1 since it does seem likely that your waitlist will go through. Most people I see rescheduling seem to be eyeing the summer or Christmas.

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