Booking now and Fall Disc. rates/Free Dining

Hi I hope you can help me. I am a Fl. Res. 1st time ever AP holder. After not going to the parks for over 10 years. I got the bug and a pass!! Okay question is about booking ahead of time (Sept. long stay) how does it play when the discounted rates come out. Do they readjust your price for you? Should I just wait until those dates are “released” And how does the free dining come in to play? I plan on picking up a TIW card in a few weeks also. What is included in the Free Dining. etc. etc. any hep appreciated. Thanks.

You can book now and then apply any discounts as they become available ( I have booked rack rate, applied general offer discount, and then applied AP rate). I have even called and changed resorts in the middle of all those discounts ( last year BC had a 20% discount and Poly had a 35%, so when those discounts came out I I switched).

Free dining offer CS at value resorts and the 1TS/1CS DP at moderates and deluxes. You have to pay rack rate and buy a 2 day pack ticket for everyone in the room. You can save that ticket for another trip or renewal. How many in your party? The AP discount and TiW might save you the most money.

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We are a small family of 3 but my guys eat LARGE. lol hence the TIW card. I’m really confused on the mechanics of how I would apply the Fall purchased tickets towards my AP renewal.

Booking now does not guarantee if a promotion comes out that promotion will be available.

Yes, or that another resort in the same category may have a better discount. Funny though, I must have really, really good luck. I have always been able to include a discount on rooms I have already booked when that resort is included in the promotion ( although, like my BC example- I have changed resorts because that discount was terrible- but of course I could apply that offer to the new resort).