Booking non home resort, as resale member

I read the fine print on the points chart and saw

“Effective January 19, 2019, Disney Vacation Club® Members who do not acquire their real estate interest directly from Disney Vacation Development, Inc. will not be able to make Vacation Point reservations at some or all non-Home Resorts.”

I remember when Riviera came on the market and people were saying resale contracts there would be limited to Riviera-only bookings, at least I thought that was how it was working. The fine print above makes me think that buying a resale contract for any resort might put me in the same place. How is this working in practice today?

If you bought resale before this, you can use your points at any of the DVC resorts, existing or yet to be built.

If you bought resale after this date, you may be restricted from using those points at any other DVC resort aside from that one.

Right now the only resort that has this restriction is Riviera. The new VGF do not because they are added to the existing condo association as I understand it and so they cannot have restrictions on only part of a resort.

If they ever build another one and you buy that one resale you may only be able to use it at that resort.

Clear as mud?

thank you! I think that does clear it up- I’m assuming that buying a resale contract for AKL tomorrow would allow me to book anything, as it’s not in the AKL resort’s contracts that I can’t book elsewhere. Just if I bought a resale contract from FutureDVCResort where it is part of the contract, I could only book there at FutureDVCResort. Which is what I had originally thought, I don’t know why I found the fine print so confusing but I’ll chalk it up to Monday :slight_smile:

You can book anywhere EXCEPT the new resorts. So you can book with AKL resale points you buy today (or tomorrow) at any of the 14 original resorts. You canNOT use them for Riv


the Monday after Daylight Savings Time change too :wink:

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probably because it’s totally confusing!!