Booking next trip questions

I a few questions about booking (last time we went my mom took care of everything and it was 4 months out and we are thinking of going in Aug 2018):

(1) how far in advance do you typically reach out to a TA and book? is a year too far in advance (my husband thinks i’m crazy to do this already)??

(2) does your TA book your airfare?

(3) if you book your airfare on your own, when’s the best time to book? do you use a specific site (expedia, etc) or just directly through the airline


From the UK I will book 18 months in advance when our free dining is released for the following year, so I don’t think a year is crazy at all. You definitely need to be booked by your 180 day mark so that you can book dining for 180 +10. My TA booked my flights but you can book your own - I have no advice about that though.

There’s already hotel rooms that are no longer available for November of 2018. I booked the day the rooms were released which was 17 months out.

I used a TA last time I went from Smallworld Vacations and…

  1. First, like @missoverexcited mentioned, you want to actually do it at LEAST 6 months out. This way you can get first dibs on securing your ADRs. So I would say 7 months at minimum. This will give you enough time to research some of your restaurants and be ready to get your ADRs (which your TA will not get for you). Additionally, you will only need to put down your deposit for all the time up until 2 weeks before you leave, so it’s not like you’ll be out of a lot of money initially.

  2. I would think they can book your flight, but mine did not want to when I went with the explanation “we won’t be able to get you as good a deal as you can get on your own.” Which is kinda true as airlines are always adjusting their prices and a TAs can’t/won’t keep looking for the latest price to get you the best deal. So it’s actually better if you do it.

  3. I found you want to book roughly around the 4-5 month mark from you trip, and then keep watching the rates to see if they go even lower. So for example, if you are going in August, I would say get ready to book around early April or May.

Thanks everyone!

i’m already so excited!!! :grinning:

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