Booking my FPPs — Days Seven and Eight

Finally my Contemporary hotel reservation has kicked in, so I was able to book FPPs for the last two remaining days of my stay together.

I wondered whether it would be easier to make FPP reservations on the website, so about an hour and a half early, I thought I’d do a test run. But to my astonishment, my dates were already open! I calmed myself. “This is what you’ve trained for. This is what all that preparation has been about. Go, go, go!”

I started with Day Eight: DHS and TSL.

There was no availability for SDD. There was afternoon availability for ASS — which was no use to me as I’ll be gone by then.

There was plenty of availability for TSMM — so I’m happy. I can wait for SDD. Besides, I really like TSMM, and I’ll probably be disappointed with SDD. And I’ll get to have a look at the area.

I had to do quite a lot of faffing to get FPPs for TOT and RNR that meshed with the timing for TSMM. It took me a while to find non-overlapping options. Endless refreshing and I got a perfect set.

Then to Day Seven: MK.

No problem finding 7DMT, which I wanted for about 4pm. And BTMR and Splash were easy, too.

I entered all the data into my spreadsheets and calendar. Updated my Touring Plans, and saved them to my phone.

Which means . . . I’M DONE!

Yeah, yeah, I know you all think it’s hilarious that I change my mind all the time. And I do, er, improve my plans as new information comes in. But I’ve got a pretty solid plan for this trip now, and all the ADRs and FPPs are in place. So I actually think I’m done.

Which is a little sad, because I’ve still got 54 days to go. And not really any more planning to do. I think I might get a little blue. I’ll have to think of something to keep me busy.

In theory I can cancel my throwaway room now but I’m nervous that it might mess things up. Is the system sophisticated enough to see that my FPPs are legitimated by my Contemporary reservation?


That’s ok.

Now you’re free to tinker with your return trip for next year to your hearts content, without worrying that there’s anything major you haven’t done for this one. That should keep your need to fiddle happy! :wink:

For the record, I don’t think it’s hilarious that you change your mind often.

I do think it’s hilarious that you feel the need to obfuscate the fact that you change your mind often. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do Brits even fiddle?

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Great to see that you have done well with all the FPPs.
As fellow planning addicts, I think we know that spreadsheets are never ‘finished’ - there is always more optimisation available.

I dunno. I suppose so? Maybe they call it something else?

Do we have a good british-to-American translator who can help us?

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I can confirm that we do fiddle.


You have to be a bit careful with the word fiddle. There are at least two phrases that include the word “fiddle” in them that are not things you would want someone to do.


I thought that was diddle. It might just be my American brain.


Congrats on finishing your FP+, although I will miss seeing your daily updates. Somehow I think you will still have some updates to share though.

No we don’t diddle. Ever.


It’s possible the occasional thought may occur to me. We can’t rule it out. Though I imagine it will be rare.

Are you planning on checking back for an SDD FPP at all or just go with what you have?

I think that’s an excellent, excellent question.

And I don’t know the answer to it. I’m devoting very little time to TSL, indeed to DHS as a whole. If I did snag an FPP for SDD, I’m not sure I’d have time to queue for TSMM.

I know TSMM is a lot of fun and I want to ride it again. SDD? Based on the video I saw of it being tested ages ago, it may not even be 7DMT. It might be the Barnstormer.

So I think SDD can wait till next year. I think I’m going to choose TSMM this time.

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Woohoo! Congrats on being “done.” I look forward to following along for the inevitable tweaks.


See what I mean?

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I do see what you mean. Is Toy Story Land basically the replacement for ToonTown? While I’m sure it’ll be fun, it doesn’t look like more than the Barnstormer.

Plus: what if it rains? TSMM is indoors. Yay. Slinky Dog Barnstormer is outdoors. Boo.

But what if it doesn’t? You’ll be missing glorious central Florida weather knowing that you have the prospect of returning to glum, foggy, chilly old England in a few hours.

I would wait until inside 30 days just to be safe

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This is literally the view from where I’m standing right now.