Booking my FPPs — Day Two report

I was going to put all these reports into a single thread, but yesterday’s thread got a bit weird, so I thought a fresh start might be a good idea :smiley:

I’ve got just under 13 minutes to go.

My second day is mostly a UOR day, but I want to come back to WDW in the evening for dinner at Tiffins, followed by some Pandora action.

My original plan was to FPP Na’vi after dinner and then join the regular queue at the last minute for FOP (in the belief the wait won’t be too crazy). I’ve only ever FPP’d FOP and I feel like I’ve missed out on the queue experience.

However, the last few days at Pandora have been a nightmare, with FOP and Na’vi out of action for two days.

So my new plan is to prioritise FOP reservations — I want to have at least one FPP for FOP at some point during my stay so as to maximise the likelihood of getting a ride.

Ten minutes to go . . .


Good idea. We try really hard to keep things civil here in this forum, so I appreciate “moving on” to avoid conflict.

I hope you get your FPs!

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Reading this with my morning coffee and anxiously waiting the result. Fingers are crossed!

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Well — as yesterday — the window opened at exactly 7am EST.

I was as quick as I could possibly have been, but no FOP availability. So I reverted to my original plan and got exactly what I wanted — Na’vi at 8-9pm for after dinner, and Everest at 5.10-6.10pm for before dinner. (I actually wanted 5.15-6.15pm, but I’m trying to suppress my OCDness.)

It’s not a disaster. I have two more shots at getting FOP later in the week and — if the worst comes to the worst — I have my VIP day that includes FOP. (My hope is to cancel the VIP day if I get a FOP on my own.)

So as things stand, Day Two afternoon is Everest — Tiffins — Na’vi — FOP (regular line). Not too shabby so I’m happy.


I think that’s a great plan. I really like Na’vi River Journey, but wouldn’t want to stand in line for it! It’s very possible that you’ll be able to do the last-minute FOP line strategy without too much frustration.

I thought it was great — except the Shaman, actually. It looked like it was broken. There was something not quite right about it.

Agreed. As I was striding past the regular line when I had my FPP last year, the queue looked horrendous — all packed in with no air conditioning. Ugh. I definitely would prefer to queue for FOP.

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I starred with a later day in my trip to get FOP… I have the challege of the new Toy Story land when I book in July.

I would also like to remind you that there is a reasonable possibility that you may be able to grab a “rolling 4th” for FoP on the day of one of your visits. It’s obviously not guaranteed, but you, traveling as a party of 1 have a much greater chance of grabbing a FP that someone has dropped than I did in my recent trip, with a party of 5.


It occurred to me that I could back-to-back Dinosaur and Everest without adding a huge amount to my schedule. So that’s what I’ve done. The new plan is Dinosaur — Everest — Tiffins — Na’vi — FOP (regular line). Woot.

Last year I got chatting to a couple in the FPP line at FOP and they said they’d snagged their FPP about 20 minutes earlier! So it can happen.


I had to look back to your first thread. Unless you’re on this board a lot not everyone gets your “wisea**ness”.

Are you planning to check back throughout today to see if the FOP opens up? Sometimes it changes during the day itself as people fine tune their plans.

Ya think? :wink:

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Honestly, most of your threads get at least a little weird.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Just observing.

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So… I’m guessing you book your Fast Passes based on the touring plan? Except for the early rides you do just after the rope drop?

Am I getting on track as to how this stuff works?

Yes and no. Mostly no.

I decide what my ride priorities are and choose FPPs based on my top priority rides that are likely to have long lines without FPPs.

I construct my own Touring Plans based more on geography than anything else — a logical progression through the parks. I then enter them into the website and get it to Evaluate my plan. I may then tinker with it. Finally I print out a PDF with timings and a map.

Got it. Back to tinkering. Thank you!

Good luck with day 3 this morning!

Thanks! Find out all about it here.

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