Booking my FPPs — Day Three report

So this is turning out to be harder than I expected at sixty days.

Today’s bookings were for an MK day that runs from about 1-4pm.

The first FPP I went for was 7DMT. Bear in mind I’m at 60 days. And . . . nada. Well, not nada but nothing till the evening, which is no good to me: I have dinner plans with my very important trousers.

Well, not a huge disaster I switched it for Space Mountain.

Now my original Space Mountain plan was for arrival day or, rather, arrival evening. So I then tried to switch that FPP for a 7DMT — although that put me at 58 days, it was a night-time reservation I was looking for and I had no problem scoring what I wanted.

I then went back to Day Three, and fishing for Buzz Lightyear and Peter Pan and scored both within 10 minutes of when I’d wanted them.

I then I had to adjust my Touring Plans.

For arrival night, switching SM for 7DMT, did make a difference however. I’ve tried to make my TPs geographic. The shape of my original plan for arrival night was: BTMR — Splash — Dessert Party — HEA — PeopleMover — SM. It was a little tight, maybe, but doable.

But when SM became 7DMT, that means a lot more walking. The question then became: where do I put PM? I don’t want to risk missing 7DMT.

I’ve settled on: BTMR — Splash — PM — Dessert Party — HEA — 7DMT. Putting PM before the dessert party squeezes my dessert eating time, but it’s not really about that for me anyway, it’s about getting a good spot to view HEA. Putting PM after HEA makes getting to 7DMT tight, if I do that last, or getting to PM tight if I do 7DMT first.

BTW this is all @SallyEppcot’s fault — she said PM at night is magical, so I have to have it in the schedule. I also have a daytime PM scheduled for later in the week.

Swapping the daytime 7DMT I had originally planned for my third day with Space, caused no real issues in terms of scheduling, so I’m not too worried.

I have another shot at a daytime 7DMT for departure day: I’ll be trying for it at 61 days. In a way it’ll be nice to do 7DMT both in the evening and during the day, so all-in-all my FPPs are progressing well.

HOWEVER, I feel doomed on getting FOP. I’m checking from time to time but I think I’m going to stick with my VIP tour, which “guarantees” FOP.

And I feel ultradoomed for TSL. I’m not sure I’ll get anything at all at 60 days. That may throw the whole day’s plan into chaos.

Tomorrow: booking morning Epcot FPPs.

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I should perhaps not mention this, but the view from the Treehouse is just *** AM-AZ-ING *** at night. So is BTMRR I’ve heard but that depends so much on timing so not so easy. Jungle Cruise is also fun at night. Plus obviously the Astro Orbiters but never done them!

Also reports from TSL are indeed, so far, not good. On opening day there is nothing for Slinky, the Saucers are possible for the evening. Same for the next day too I think.

Good luck though.

Despite my unfair reputation as someone who endlessly changes his plans, I’m pretty solid on the days I’ve done so far. It’s quite a faff changing things, so unless there’s a really good reason to do so, I’m actually not going to.

I think I’m pinning my hopes on getting TSMM on opening day, plus a bit of a walk around. I might go back again at night, after Fantasmic, to see what it looks like then.

I’ve pretty much made my peace with not getting SDD at all and I’m not sure I’m willing to wait for it unless the queue is either (a) interesting, or (b) air conditioned.

I’m pretty meh about ASS.

Next year I’ll have 60+4 on TSL, so I’ll have my opportunity for SDD then.

All this being said, I’ll probably keeping checking for SDD twenty times a day until I arrive. I got FOP last year at about two weeks, so it’s possible.

The funny thing is, I bet SDD is rubbish. I don’t know why I get so obsessed with these rides. It’s like 7DMT. I rode that twice last year and both times thought “is that it?” Yet here I am, trying to get into my schedule twice again. I expect SDD is basically 7DMT.

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Yep, pretty much.

except that it’s on rails high up off the ground. Which is something that terrifies me. But I’m hoping when I get to go, that I’ll manage to try it at least once.

I’m fine with coasters if they don’t look like coasters!

Sounds like it mostly worked out which is great!

I will say something I learned this trip is you really can get almost any FP day of or the night before (except 7DMT, fea, FOP, Navi obviously). We moved a couple of our days around this trip (which I would never had done last year!) and I easily found FPs for splash, BTMRR, space , Buzz etc.

That makes me want to ride it more! If I can’t have speed, I at least want height!

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I think a good back up plan for all days will be watching for added hours, and then added last minute hard to get fast passes.

I don’t have high hopes for it either.

This whole fast pass planning is stressing me out. And I don’t have to schedule mine until August. I need a vacation from my vacation planning.

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But the nice thing is, once they’re done, you can relax, because you know what you have. There’s a lot less stress on the touring days when these things are settled in advance.