Booking my FPPs — Day Six report

Today’s mission: Epcot.

Epcot has the tier system and it’s annoying because all the good rides are in the top tier and they’re really all that’s worth having. Pick one.

Having cancelled my FEA dessert party, I decided to go fro FEA. I don’t mind queuing for Soarin’ — it’s indoors. And I could SR TT.

The Touring Plans system was really useful today. It helped me gain an understanding of what’s possible. I realised I could squeeze in Nemo and Crush after my dinner but before IllumiNations. But then I was listening to the Backside of Magic podcast and I realised I could fit in Soarin’ instead! A better choice because I want to have two bites at each of my A list rides. I’ll try to get it as a fourth FPP, but TP reckons my wait will only be about half an hour. Nemo and Crush can wait till next year.

I also booked Spaceship Earth — which I loved last year — and LWTL.

So . . . Ohana — Soarin’ — LWTL — SE — TT — FEA — WS — MP — Soarin’ — IllumiNations. Pretty happy with that :slight_smile:

I am finding it odd that you can never quite get the exact FPP times you want. And there are weird gaps in availability. But I was close enough. Again, very helpful to have the TP plan so I know what windows to shoot for.


Excellent! Personally, I put Spaceship Earth in the “Can’t Miss” category, partly because it’s so iconic, but mostly because, with the loss of Horizons, It’s embodies the overall theme of Epcot (or EPCOT-Center-that-was, if you prefer) better than any other attraction in the park.


What about Journey to Imagination (aka Figment ride)?

It’s not what it was.

The original, I might put in the same category. The current edition is a shadow of its original self.

And don’t get me started on the in-between edition that removed Figment entirely.

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While I agree, the original isn’t coming back and the new one is a nice little ride.

It is!

I just can’t call it “Can’t Miss” or a capstone-level ride. I think it fits into the theme nicely, I just don’t think it embodies it in the same way.

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Soarin was very easy for us to pick up last week x2 for the extra FPP as well. Keep that in mind if the queue is too long.

It’s so sad now.

we ride it but it breaks my heart. I miss Original Figment.


That sounds pretty perfect to me!

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Here you are.

Scroll down to Part One for the Original.


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I have a question. MDE keeps dropping my SOG reservations. I have to re-link once or twice a week.

Its making me nervous. Will this affect my fast pass? I’m afraid it will cause everything to drop. It hasn’t affected my ADRs … yet. But I’m checking MDE at least once a day.

I :heart::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart: Martin’s Vids. He has, quite possibly, the best collection of Disney History Videos anywhere.

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