Booking Multiple Rooms?

I'm planning a trip for next March with parents and in-laws. We'll be reserving three rooms and everyone will be paying separately. What's the best way to book, logistically? Should I make the reservation and pay with three separate credit cards or should each family call and make their own reservation? We'd like the rooms to be close together if that makes any difference. Thanks!

It's probably easiest if each books their own. You can ask them to link the reservations, but rooms being close will be treated as a request and not guaranteed.

My family and I have just booked our trip. We have 3 rooms. Everyone booked their own rooms, but CM linked our reservations in the system and we requested to be beside each other. No guarantee, but 2x in the past this request has been honored.

we had a connecting room @ the dolphin for 3 adults, 2 toddlers. it was wonderful. they said would do their best to accomodate and they did. actually we didnt get the section of hotel we'd wanted, but they comped us for some of that trouble, plus being off on promised early check-in.

I didnt have on same card, but both were mine. but probably would have set up same way as long as connected in hotel's database.

loved having 2 fridges, 2 bathrooms, 4 beds.