Booking last minute - will GT cabins be near each other?

We are considering booking a last minute cruise but need two rooms because there will be 6 of us. On some of the cruises I’m looking at we can get 2 GT rate rooms for a lot cheaper than picking our rooms. But is there a big chance we will not be near each other if we do this and have booked late (like will they give priority to earlier bookers and then just have random non close cabins left?) There aren’t many available NON GT cabins on these cruises which makes me nervous. Thanks!

I would assume you would not get close to each other unless you book guaranteed. That way you won’t disappointed.

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This. You will need to decide what is more important - having the cabins closer to each other or getting the cheaper rate.

One other thing to keep in mind… You don’t say what *GT it is (I, O, or V) but if it’s IGT there’s a chance one could be bumped up to OGT or VGT - likewise if they’re OGT one could be upgraded to VGT - but not the other. Would you be ok with that - if one cabin got randomly bumped to a better category? If not, don’t book *GT.