Booking FPs - which order?

So tomorrow is day -60 and am getting prepared to book my FPs! ARGH!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Is there an order or best way to do this - like should I book the most popular first?
Any advice gratefully received!!!

It doesn’t really matter because there are people that were able to book your days long before you. So the order in which you try to book them over the 10 minuets it will take you will not really have any effect on your outcome.

Having said that, if you’re worried about it, book the ones most important to you first.

How come? I thought 60 days in advance was the most you could book them… :frowning:

60 days from your arrival day. So there is always someone that is arriving before you and can book the days on which you are staying.

Doh - I’m such an idiot! Thanks… :wink:

Don’t beat yourself up over it. Took me a while to figure that one out too! :smiley:

So, the FPs you want could possibly already be all gone before you are even able to book them! Hopefully that won’t happen to you, though.
Good luck!

Don’t stress too much - I worried about order too, but I don’t think it makes much difference. It became more important for my brain to focus on one day at a time in case I had to make minor adjustments

Definitely book 7DMT and FEA first. After that, any order will do.

I’d add FoP to that list, possibly first.

Oops yes you are definitely right. We went last year so Pandora obviously wasn’t open, and I was just thinking about what I got first.

Also, beyond booking those high demand ride FPP first, if you are going to be in the parks those rides are in a couple of times, it can help to book the furthest day first, then work backwards with those rides.

I do that, then just move onto everything else in chronological order since it is easier to keep track of. And, I have a spreadsheet open to tab back and forth quickly and record what I got so I can see what I have all at once.

Hi. I booked mine yesterday at 60 days and managed to get all the ones we wanted without any trouble just the odd hiccup with times over lapping due to ADR,s but apart from that plenty times left for favourites like Seven Dwarfs, Frozen Ever After and 2New rides as AK👍 Good Luck


Yes I’ll second that - I had no trouble at all finding what I needed. The only thing odd for me was working out the windows. I hadn’t dealt with fast passes since the paper fast passes in the parks were the only option. So I expected it to be even block ours, but the windows are not just on the half hour and the hour - so I had a little finagling to do :slight_smile: That’s why it worked best for me to start with the first day and then work our way from there.

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Is the consensus for Pandora fast passes flight of passage over river journey? My 6 yo is tall enough to do fop but I think she might chicken out. I’d hate to waste a fp on it and then have the line for river journey prohibitively long.

So no FPs for FOP AT ALL (sob!) and none for Space Orange. However, my TP is saying that Space Orange is a 10 min wait at 10.30am with no FP - I can’t believe this is right - Is there a glitch or something I don’t know?!

Also, is there a way to see what FPs are available without cancelling what you already have? I don’t want to risk losing something if there’s nothing better if that makes sense…

Mission: Space isn’t all that popular. See its wait times chart at (or whatever your date is). Plus it is down for refurbishment until July 27, so maybe they aren’t ready to commit to FPP for it?

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Yep, you can check for different FPP or new times for your current FPP. Go to your FPP list on MDE and use “Modify” - then you can look around for what’s available. If there’s nothing you want, just hit “Start Over” (in the browser version) and you’ll still have your original FPP.

A trick: if you have a party of 4 (or some other number), sometimes for more popular rides it helps to try to modify with only 1 or 2 people at a time. You might find that you can get FPP or better times you want that way, then you just have to try to get ones for each person that overlap in time so you can all still ride together. Takes some time and caution, but can work.

I had the exact same problem with FoP on my 60 day day a few weeks ago - was on right at 7AM and no FoP at all. No problem getting Navi. I’m surprised so many people have said there was plenty of FoP available - perhaps it is the day of the week I am looking for that is the issue(?) Another case of the Mondays.

Anyway - I just left a browser open with MDE, and a few times a day I went in to try modify on Navi to see what might pop up. About a week ago a single set of 4PP appeared for FoP at 1:30PM and I snagged them. I’d prefer an earlier time so continue to try and only saw one other set show up for a time later in the day. Keep on keepin’ on!

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Thank you so much - just got FOP!! Not the time I wanted but still… :smiley: